The Eagle Edition

Opinion: shootings in America

Ilana Mermelstein, Staff Writer

December 4, 2018

The pattern we’ve seen with shootings in America is as follows: we witness, we mourn, we forget.  It cycles and cycles until someone starts to care, and before the concern materializes, the cycle begins again.  This epidemic o...

The Return of the Rom-Com

The Return of the Rom-Com

September 5, 2018

Eighth Grade: a movie about our generation

Faiza Shaikh, Staff Writer

September 5, 2018

“Is that what eighth grade was really like for you?” asks my mom as we exit the theater. I nod. It was a surreal experience to re-live my last year of middle school a few months after it ended. ‘Eighth Grade’ is a blockbu...

Will you be my Galentine?

February 13, 2018

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