Girl Up Club at Milton

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

Girl Up has made its way to Milton. This invigorating club helps educate girls by raising money. Girl-Up is a United Nations Foundation’s campaign empowering adolescent girls in third world countries.

President Cassidy Lopes started the club.“By learning about these girls who might be the same age as me, and the challenges they’ve been through, it makes me realize how lucky I am to have an amazing opportunity to live and go to school in a place like Milton.”

Girl Up is planning on having a fundraiser where students can purchase bracelets, and those profits will fund their cause. They may host bake sales and take part in other fundraisers in the future.

Vice president Maria Levy also looks forward to helping people in need. “My experience in Girl Up has been amazing. If I can have access to everything I need, then so should all the other girls in the world.”

The club meets in Ms. Silverman’s room, 4205, on the second Wednesday of each month. Their next meeting is on February 14. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit https:/