Flood’s positivity raindrop tradition


Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

Flood’s recent project, Positivity Raindrops, has been a tradition around Milton for 6 years. The inspiration came from the club’s motto, “one drop can cause a flood.” The practice has spread to most of the participating highschools in the area.

Cindy Brill, Flood’s area coordinator, explains the project symbolizes how a small gesture of kindness can have a big impact. “It was a crazy idea, but [Flood members] did it. It’s stuck with the program ever since,” She says.

This year’s Raindrop initiative to spread positivity around school concluded successfully. With every locker in the school covered with uplifting quotes, Milton students were impacted by the project.

Marisa Perera, a Milton freshman, found the gesture sweet. “It was nice seeing a club doing something to make everyone feel welcome in such a huge school,” she says.

Sponsored by Mrs. Painter, Flood is a non-profit organization that helps students change the culture of their schools by leading and prompting their peers to impact the community through serving others. Students can participate in projects ranging from helping the homeless to visiting elder people in nursing homes.  According to their website, Flood’s mission is to help students become leaders and provide hope in the community through the hearts of students.

Juliana Lutz, Flood member, and Publicity Manager, enjoys her time with the club. “I’ve met people from Milton and other schools as well. It’s like a big family,” she explains. Lutz believes everyone should experience the joy of serving others.

Flood meets on the second Wednesday of every month, before school in 7301. Students can also visit the project’s calendar on the Flood website, floodstudentmissions.org. Flood is also available on Instagram and Twitter @servewithflood.