Milton Orchestra receives new director


Jessi Rich, Staff Writer

After a competitive and elaborate search, Mr. Sergio Rodriguez has been chosen to lead the Milton Orchestra in the place of its former director, Mr. Richard Bomba. Rodriguez is a violinist, originally from Honduras. He immigrated to America to pursue his musical passion, the same passion he hopes to instill in the hearts of his students. “You always hear about Milton Band, about Milton Chorus…the theater program is amazing,” Rodriguez shares, “but you don’t hear about Milton’s Orchestra.” As its director, Rodriguez aspires to make Milton Orchestra the best it can be and ultimately bring it fame.

Rodriguez is already in the process of building networks for the orchestra program, as widespread support will boost success. On Aug. 29, orchestra students had the privilege of watching members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra perform in Milton’s auditorium. The students also got the chance to work with the members to better their personal craft. “They [Atlanta Symphony Orchestra members] give lessons for $95, but they came to Milton for free. The other schools, they are jealous,” Rodriguez comments about the event’s success.

Later that night, orchestra members and their parents were invited to a potluck in the school cafeteria. Guests each brought different dishes to share amongst the party. Many parents signed up to serve on the orchestra committee over jubilant conversation and plentiful food.

The conductor of the Kennesaw State University Symphony Orchestra, Nathaniel F. Parker, also came to work with orchestra students in early October, as well as a piano trio (a violinist, cellist, and pianist) from the same university. Rodriguez has many more of these visits planned.

Additionally, Rodriguez is making subtle tweaks to the program. All three orchestras have already been registered for various music fests, and Rodriguez even hopes to take students to perform in Orlando, Florida towards the end of the year. Moreover, new uniforms for the orchestras are expected to arrive soon.

While orchestra participation has shrunk in recent years, Rodriguez is optimistic that he can improve the program and spark more interest. The Chamber, Sinfonia, and Concert Orchestras have already successfully performed spooky, fall-themed pieces at the Pumpkin Pops Concert on October 19, and are beginning work on programs for the Winter Concert. Rodriguez and students alike are anticipating a successful year.