Milton donates water to support Puerto Rico relief


Jessi Rich, Staff Writer

Milton students brought in over 150 gallons of water this month to support the relief effort for Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster to occur on the island in almost a century, devastated the U.S. Territory. According to PBS Newshour, 80 percent of the island’s crops have been demolished, and citizens have little to no electricity or running water.

“Once I saw the destruction on the news, I felt the need to make a difference,” says Coach Gary Sylvestri, who experienced many hurricanes himself while living in South Florida. With the help of the Milton Parent-Teacher Organization and Milton athletics, Sylvestri organized a two-week long water drive in order to bring clean drinking water to Puerto Rico.

To assist with the drive, the PTO partnered with Buen Provecho restaurant in Marietta. Buen Provecho, an eatery specializing in authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, accepted bottled water donations as well as other supplies including towels, batteries and first aid kits.

Overall, the drive brought in approximately 800 cases of bottled water, which soon will all be transported via cargo plane to Puerto Rico. When asked if this drive was a success, Sylvestri answers, “Absolutely. We set a lofty goal of 800 cases and everyone came through.”

The triumph of the water drive leaves Sylvestri in anticipation of the canned food drive to be put on in November. The Milton community has certainly shown their compassion for helping those in need.