Exploring the ease of sustainable living; how you can get started


     Celebrate Earth Day by starting your journey into sustainable living! While it may seem daunting as there’s constant pressure to start going waste free, eco-friendly living is actually easier than it might seem. Incorporating small steps and products into your daily routine is all it takes to lower your carbon footprint. Here’s a compact list to get started!


  • Start buying plastic bottle-free shampoo and conditioner

     A common source of plastic waste within homes is the plastic bottles of hair soap. Even if you only buy shampoo and conditioner every couple months, there’s still a way to completely eliminate the chance to put more plastic into landfills. Using a bar soap alternative for shampoo and conditioner can keep you away from plastic bottles as they come wrapped in cardboard boxes. Furthermore, they last longer- up to three times the use of shampoo bottles- and come as low as $3! Check out this article for a complete guide on the best (and most accessible) brands of bar soap shampoo.


  • Choose cardboard packaged deodorant over plastic packaged

     Like shampoo, a majority of deodorant brands package their products in plastic, an unnecessary polluter and waste. As an individual, you can start supporting companies that use cardboard for packaging by buying their deodorants. Hey Humans and Native are two plastic-free, inexpensive alternatives that you can pickup at your local target!


  • Skip out on Cotton Rounds

     Cotton balls are super handy when it comes to applying or wiping away makeup, but they produce a huge amount of waste. Easy way out is to buy reusable cotton balls. Or, microfiber washcloths are just as nice on your skin and are also completely reusable. Not in the mood to buy something new? Cut up an old, cotton t-shirt as a replacement rag to your cotton balls with the same amount of efficiency. No matter what you choose, you’re avoiding filling landfills with cotton balls and the plastic bags they come in.


  • Go bamboo for brushing

     Toothbrushes are another example of plastic waste that you buy only so often, but they’re still incredibly easy to replace with something more sustainable. VIVAGO, The Humble Co., and Reach Clean World are a few of the growing number of producers for bamboo toothbrushes, and local retail stores, like Target and Walmart, are beginning to carry sets of these toothbrushes as well. The handle of the brush is completely biodegradable and can even be composted. 


  • Oats over Dairy

     Whether you buy milk for a cool beverage or something to go along with your cereal, it’s recommended you begin purchasing oat or soy milk instead of dairy. With the production of cow milk releasing costly amounts of methane and other greenhouse gases, it’s important we begin to stray away from supporting dairy companies. Milk alternatives like oats, soy and almond cost the same and have a relatively similar taste to cow milk without causing harm to the environment. 


     Point is there are hundreds of easily replaceable activities in your daily routine that can be switched with something more sustainable. While there’s still work that needs to be done with holding polluting companies accountable, cleaning up your own behavior can help save our planet.