Milton High School Remote Days


Mason Collins, Sports Editor

On Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26, Milton High School decided to go asynchronous for all grades, allowing nobody to return face to face until the 29th. Why is that? Well for the state of Georgia, that was one of the weeks where teachers and staff members grades Pre-K through 12th grade were eligible to receive the vaccine. “To ensure that happens as quickly as possible, effective March 8, Pre-K through 12, public and private school teachers and faculty and the Department of Early Care Learning and educators and staff will now be eligible for the vaccine,” said governor Brain Kemp. Also announced by Kemp on March 25, all residents age 16 older will be eligible to receive a vaccine. 


But for Milton High School, plenty of asynchronous days are on the horizon. On March 30, Milton juniors who signed up took the ACT at the high school. March 30 was an abbreviated day, beginning at the normal time 8:20 am, but started to release students around 12:45 pm. 


Because the ACT took place that day, 10th and 12th graders were announced asynchronous and are not required to arrive at the high school at any time during school hours. 11th graders who did not sign up for the ACT, will join 10th and 12th grade, becoming asynchronous. 


As for 9th grade students, they had the opportunity to attend school that day to receive tutoring/support for classes such as Biology and Algebra l. 9th grade students who chose to attend school that day had to stay in the cafeteria and rotated through the tutoring sessions each student signed up for. 


Milton High School also announced that all students on April 12 through the 14th, will be remote. Extracurricular events (practices, rehearsals, try-outs, games and performances) will be held after school during the scheduled remote days. This is because Milton decided to take the safe route, predicting that students will be across the country for spring break, increasing chances of a covid outbreak when students return the next week.