The Biden administration; a progress report

     Forty days into Joseph Biden’s presidency, the man has yet to make good on the promises he gave during his campaign. From a $15 minimum wage to closing down Trump-era migrant camps, here’s a rundown of President Biden’s works in progress. 


     The proposed stimulus checks, the same ones he paraded before the election to earn him support, are nowhere to be seen, despite many Americans being needing them. With Congress sent into a frenzy over the details of the 1.9 trillion dollar relief package, there hasn’t been much time for a conversation specifically about the $2,000, now $1,400, checks to aid Americans with pandemic survival. However, there is some hope as the relief package containing the stimulus checks is slowly making its way through the Senate. 


     It’s expected to pass in mid-March if everything goes to plan, and if Republicans take a break from doing the devil’s work for him. 


     On the other hand, one of the components originally in the relief package, the national favorite $15 minimum wage, was removed all together as the Senate Parliamentarian ruled it couldn’t be passed for reconciliation. Or in layman’s terms, the policy was too big of a change to be slipped into a bill that was almost guaranteed to pass, which was the relief package. This sets back the Democratic party as a whole and puts all eyes on President Biden who promised the hike in minimum wage in the first months of his presidency. 


     Unless the party has the votes to get rid of the filibuster or the power to overrule the Parliamentarian, the Congressional Democrats must settle on creating a seperate bill that centers around the $15 minimum wage. Furthermore, not every Democrat is on board with the change, and because of the already small lead in numbers Democrats have over Republicans, they have to have full support from the party, or they won’t be able to continue with their agenda.


     Now for President Biden and his administration’s personal actions, things aren’t looking too hot. Not too long ago, news broke that a migrant facility had opened under the current administration, the same facility that caused great controversy during Trump’s presidency. Biden’s team argues that with the influx in immigration and need for safety during COVID, they were forced to expand locations to house migrant children. A glance at this facility wouldn’t necessarily raise eyebrows as it looks humane with its basketball court, classrooms and personal hospital.


     However, the trouble comes with its transparency and cost. During Trump’s presidency, there was a call for migrant detention centers to be completely open about what went on within them as they were made inaccessible to activists and reporters. So far, there has been no change in this lack of transparency with the new facility under the Biden administration, and activists are worried the president’s left-leaning platform will allow him to slip by liberal scrutiny and continue hiding the truths of migrant facilities.


     Finally, while there wasn’t a specific plan mentioned during his candidacy, President Biden agreed he would work towards ending the endless war in the Middle East. His latest attempt was dropping a bomb on Syria to scare Iranian troops into forgoing any plans to attack the U.S., arguably inciting war instead of stopping it. This unnecessary violence led to the deaths of multiple Iranian militants and the destruction of one of their bases. Given their history, I don’t expect Iran to take this as a final message to stand down.


     To add salt to the wound, multiple Congress members came out against the military action, saying it was disturbing to see such an impactful wartime decision was made without consulting the legislative branch. “The American people deserve to hear the Administration’s rationale for these strikes and its legal justification for acting without coming to Congress,” says Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA). He argued there was no imminent threat that allowed for President Biden to bypass congressional approval for offensive military action.


     The bottom line is we as a country need to keep Biden accountable for his actions as president, essentially giving him the same attention we did with Trump. The former president would’ve gotten away with a lot more if there hadn’t been constant reporting on his agenda. Allowing President Biden to do as he pleases because of his opposite party affiliation only gives him the power to go back on his campaign promises. The policies he introduced would not only restore the country but better it for future generations, and we cannot get lazy in reprimanding him and ensuring he follows through with the agenda he promised.