Ranking Popular Mascaras


Now, I am no makeup expert, but in my opinion, mascara is an essential if you’re looking to start wearing makeup or just enhance your winged liner look! Mascara started out as petroleum jelly and coal in the 19th century; it’s safe to say that it has evolved overtime. Young girls (or boys!) usually dip into the idea of makeup starting with mascara. 


If you’re reading this and are very confused about this foreign word, let me educate you! Mascara is a beauty product that enhances the length and volume of eyelashes. It comes in a variety of colors- black being most popular- and many different wand varieties too. I’ve been through my fair share of mascara wands and brands, so I’m here to (hopefully) help you sort the good from the bad. Note: this is what has worked for me, but everyone’s eyelashes react to mascaras differently. 


To start off, I am rating these mascaras based on just applying multiple coats. I don’t curl my eyelashes, and I know you’ve heard this one thousand times but REFRAIN FROM CONSTANTLY CURLING YOUR EYELASHES! My eyelashes completely fell out due to eyelash curling, and I had to use an eyelash serum to help them grow back, and an expensive one at that. 

On this list there will be drugstore mascaras as well as “high end” mascaras. 


Stila Cosmetics Huge Extreme Lash Mascara 

  • This mascara features a medium sized wand with a smudge proof formula that stays in place all day 
  • Even when applying a generous amount the mascara doesn’t clump your lashes 
  • The wand consists of crimped fibers that are somewhat flexible
  • Stays weightless regardless of thick, heavy coats 
  • Intense volume and lengthens your lashes effortlessly 
  • Can make lashes have a “crunchy” look effect 

Price: $23 

Where to get it: Sephora, Ulta, Stila Cosmetics 

Rating out of 5 stars: ★★★★½


Stila Cosmetics Magnum XXX Mascara 

  • This is the perfect mascara for consumers that like fat wands (aka me) 
  • The larger than life wand has Curl Flex Technology, so for you guys trying to quit the eyelash curling method, but still want mega curl, this is the one for you
  • The creamy formula contains 1% Diamond Powder for shine and curl retention 
  • “Suitable for wearers of contact lenses” via Stila Cosmetics website 
  • Weightless with extreme intensity 
  • The intensity and size of the wand can be hard for some to get used to

Price: $23 

Where to get it: Sephora, Ulta, Stila Cosmetics 

Rating out of 5 stars: ★★★★★


L’Oréal Telescopic Mascara 

  • Features a very delicate and flexible wand 
  • Great for a softer, more natural look 
  • Separates lashes, doesn’t give thick clumpy effect 
  • Thin wand with rubber bristles for a wispy look
  •  Focuses on length, not so much volume

Price: $10.95

Where to get it: Ulta, drugstores, most chain grocery stores and L’Oréal

Rating out of 5 stars: ★★★

Why the 3 star rating? I like an intense volume with my lashes a little more on the clumpy side, so it’s not my first choice but still a great product. 


Essence Lash Princess 

  • In my opinion, this is the best drugstore brand mascara because of its high-intensity buildable effects. 
  • The wand itself is very basic but the formula allows for great length when applied 
  • Comes in waterproof too (and it actually works)
  • Multiple coats don’t layer too heavy on eyelashes, causing a dramatic effect
  • Can transfer under lower lash line 

Price: $5

Where to get it: Ulta, drugstores, Essence 

Rating out of 5 stars: ★★★★★ 

Why the rating? 5 stars for the price, but Stila Magnum XXX is still better.  


COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Mascara

  • Gives lashes voluminous effect 
  • New formula can leave lashes limp (dependent on how eyelashes react to the product)
  • Difficult to take off with makeup wipe 
  • New formula is watery 
  • If desired to achieve a more voluminous look, application must be done quick because the coats dry quickly 

Price: $9.99 

Where to get it: Ulta, drugstores, COVERGIRL

Rating out of 5 stars: ★½