What to expect for President Biden’s first days in office

     After his inauguration this Wednesday, President Joe Biden has already set out his agenda to widen the gap between his administration and former President Trump’s. We can expect a series of executive orders coming from the White House within the first couple of days of his presidency. The memo sent out by his team that lists the expected executive actions states they all work towards solving America’s most pressing four crises: Climate change, economic descent, pandemic relief, and racial injustice.

  • Rejoining the Paris climate accords

     The Paris Agreement is a climate-based treaty aiming for the restoration and protection of our environment internationally. Despite being one of the top three countries with the highest emissions, the United States left the accords under President Trump’s supervision. However, because of the increase in damage caused by climate change over the years, it is crucial we as a country, along with the 170+ countries in the Paris climate accords, work together to slow the effects. President Biden recognized that danger and rejoined the accords hours after he was sworn into office.

  • Reversing President Trump’s travel ban

     After years of legal battles and multiple revisions, President Trump was allowed his proposed travel ban on multiple predominantly Muslim countries. The executive order blocked travel between the United States and those areas; he reasoned he was protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the country. While terrorism is, unfortunately, a major, modern issue, you are more likely to encounter it at the Capitol’s steps, so President Biden plans to reverse the ban with an executive order of his own.

  • Implementing stronger COVID-19 Preparations 

     There have been rumors on how President Biden will address the pandemic once he’s in power during the middle of it. However, it boils down to what authority he has over Covid related regulations, which is limited. Unable to establish an overall mask mandate, President Biden has settled for requiring masks on all federal land. He’s also made claims of extending the eviction freeze and the pause on federal student loan payments. Finally, the memo sent out by the president’s administration includes measures for expanding testing and organizing plans to safely re-open schools and businesses.

  • Supporting communities of color

     The past year and couple of days have shown America the horrors of racial injustice and the overwhelming need to work towards equality between races. Despite not naming any specific measures, President Biden disclosed tackling the rampant racial discrimination is one of his top priorities during his first ten days in office.


     The beginning of Biden’s presidency looks promising in terms of progressive action, and with the new democratic majority in the Senate, relying on executive orders for change won’t be the only option. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock’s wins in the runoffs means a promising future for the democratic party, but it also means making good on promises President Biden gave. In the days leading up to the runoffs, Biden pushed the possibility for $2000 stimulus checks if the two Democratic candidates in Georgia were elected, encouraging more eligible voters to go to the polls. While President Biden nor his team haven’t brought up the bill in recent weeks, Senate Democrats are gearing up for another attempt at passing a third stimulus check.


     With the first couple days of Biden’s presidency planned, 2021 is off to no surprises. Eventually, Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus proposal will be put in motion, leading to battles over the minimum wage in congress for the next couple months. These next four years may bring the greatest changes and challenges, so it’s important we stay on top of this administration as we did with Mr. Trump’s.