Predicting the Grammys, so one less thing in 2021 will catch us off guard

Awards season is in full swing, awakening stan Twitter with each and every nomination announcement. The Grammys, a show dedicated to achievements in the music industry, is no exception. This will be the 63rd installment of the show and will run on January 31st after releasing the list of nominees this past November. The Grammys have sometimes been under fire for their controversial picks and winners, so it might be a shot in the dark to predict who will leave the night with which award, but here are my best guesses. 




For younger, Milton-age music fans, these categories are the one you may want to pay attention to the most. Some of the most iconic artists of the year, such as Harry Styles and Megan Thee Stallion, will be competing for awards like Album or Song of the year. Because of the stellar line-up, it’ll be hard to pinpoint who the Grammys will favor.


     Best New Artist

     While it may be a close call between her and Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion will walk away with the Grammy. Fourteen weeks on Billboard’s charts, her music has become an anthem for any pop or rap fan. Other big name competitors, like Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Cyrus, barely come close, both being on the charts for less than 10 weeks. Megan Thee Stallion’s collaborations with Beyoncé and Cardi B are also impressive for her mere one year of mainstream popularity. Given her stats, the female rapper will upgrade to Megan Thee Mustang after the awards. 


     Album of the Year

     Hands down, Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” will steal the win. Working with indie folk band Bon Iver, Swift was able to produce an indie album–a genre she hadn’t extensively explored before. Breaking multiple records, selling millions of copies globally, and reaching number one in multiple countries, “Folklore” is a hard to beat album. The news surrounding the female singer about her re-recording her previous albums and her already established success are also a major factor in the predicted win on Jan. 31.




Like the name says, artists who specialize in pop music are competing for multiple Grammys in this category. While there are a variety of artists not seen on last year’s nominee list, they are definitely not new names in the music industry overall. It’ll be interesting to see which performance will win a Grammy after plaguing the speakers of H&Ms for months.


     Best Pop Solo Performance

     After losing to Megan Thee Stallion in Best New Artist, Doja Cat will bounce back with her song “Say So” in this category. The only song that comes close in popularity is Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” and even then, he’ll fall short in streams and music video views that “Say So” has garnered. Her musical career has substantially grown since her viral song “MOO!”, so Doja Cat’s recognition for “Say So” will cement her place amongst this century’s top artists.


     Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

     Before I mention any predictions on the winner of this category, it’s important for me to note this Grammy will be the first to have a K-pop group as a nominee. Global sensation BTS has made their fame known in America, collaborating with Halsey and topping charts with their song “Dynamite.” However, “Rain On Me,” a hit song by Lady GaGa and Ariana Grande, is also a solid nominee and has already overtaken “Dynamite” on popularity. Reaching number one in multiple US rankings and countries around the world, the collaboration between the two female artists might just win on pure recognition alone after their respective years in America’s music industry that BTS doesn’t have. The dance-pop, disco single also had an accompanying TikTok dance challenge that grew its popularity among teens everywhere, making it hard for BTS and other nominees to catch up to.




2021’s Grammy Rock lineup features a lot more women as Brittany Howard, a returning American musician and nominee for this category, is joined by Fiona Apple, Phoebe Bridgers, HAIM, Poppy and many more. 


     Best Rock Performance

     Due to her rising fame being recognized in previous categories from this award season, Phoebe Bridgers and her recording “Kyoto” are predicted to claim the respective Grammy. Popular in the American Indie/Rock scene, Bridgers’ album “Punisher” explores much more depressing themes than on the albums and songs mentioned before, but the focus on apparently relatable missed connections have her streams skyrocketing compared to her past releases.




Again, the gender inclusivity for this category is higher than the last set of nominees, but the music is still the genre we all know and love. Despite having only one category to compete in, this genre made quite the jump in popularity in 2020.


     Best Alternative Music Album

     As much as I’d love for Fiona Apple or Brittany Howard to receive some recognition, the all-time fave amongst the Alternative scene, Tame Impala, might just take the cake with their album “The Slow Rush.” With multiple songs on the album reaching the top 10s on Billboard’s charts, Tame Impala’s return to the music industry after their wildly successful “Currents” album will be enough to secure them their first Grammy win. 




With an almost completely new slate of rappers as nominees, this field saw a lot more of the newer talents 2020 (and 2019) had to offer. While COVID-19 kept most clubs and parties where these songs are streamed from happening, rappers were still able to gain nationwide traction that will hopefully be recognized on Jan. 31.


     Best Melodic Rap Performance

     As a perfect blend between R&B and Rap, DaBaby’s collaboration with Roddy Ricch on “Rockstar” should impress Grammy directors enough to push past nominations into victory. Despite not being the first song titled “Rockstar” that made waves on charts, it peaked at number one on independence day, giving it enough American spirit to pass its competitors.


     Best Rap Performance

     Going against my personal preference of having Megan Thee Stallion win again for her “Savage” collab, I believe the Grammys will favor “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow. Solely based on its popularity with TikTok and overall catchy lyrics, Jack Harlow’s single is the perfect amount of relevance and suburban popularity that will have the Grammys falling for it. “What’s Poppin” is arguably bland compared to the other songs in the running, but, given the nature of the Grammys, it will balance out the stellar picks for other categories.


With just over a month left, artists and fans alike will be biting their nails on who will receive the utmost recognition in January. Whether I’m wildly wrong or extremely on point with my predictions, my point still stands about the musical talent displayed in each album and song.