Wish List Essentials


Chris Thomas, Staff Writer

It is often said that ‘It’s the thought that counts’ when giving gifts, and I think most people would say that they prefer time and effort spent on the gifts they receive as opposed to a certain dollar amount. Nevertheless, getting the ‘right’ gift is a nice cherry on top of your time and effort.


Some people make getting the right gift plain and simple: putting together a wish list tailored to their heart’s desire. Others have no idea what they want and leave the gift giver in the dark. Given that we are humans, everyone falls into the second category at one point or another.


Whether you are making a list for yourself or shopping for others, here are some items that I believe every list could use.


PS5/Xbox Series X

Contrary to popular belief, these consoles should not be limited to those who proclaim themselves as gamers. As Sony and Microsoft, the companies who produce these gaming systems, continue to innovate their consoles, they are able to compete with cable boxes. These new consoles do come at a hefty price tag, but they are long-term investment. It has been seven years since the last generation of consoles has been released. On top of that, if you don’t want it, you can resell the console to someone else or possibly return it for store credit.



This celebrity shout-out service has been running strong since 2017. This platform allows everyday people to buy personalized, self-recorded messages from celebrities, or really anybody approved to be a ‘cameo talent’. A message from a professional athlete, a favorite artist, or maybe even a YouTuber may be just what someone needs this holiday season. That being said, these can get pricey so make sure the message is worthwhile.



Despite the impending arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, it seems that masks will still be required in certain places or just a good idea when around certain people. That means it’s not too late to buy a classic N95, one of many NFL shop masks, or maybe one from a favorite television series. Anything and everything is on a mask these days, and you can never have too many of them.


Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV subscription

This is another COVID-19 item. Movie theaters across the country have spent several months closed down. Nowadays, some are open and some are closed, but blockbuster releases have been delayed as a result of this pandemic. Studio executives have pulled back titles such as “No Time to Die,” “Fast & Furious 9” and “The Forever Purge”. If your local theatre is closed or a producer decided to hold back on a release you were looking forward to, a subscription to any of these services may hold you over until movie-going life returns to normal.


Cordless Vacuum/Roomba

This may sound weird, but as someone who lives in a corded-vacuum household, this would be a lifesaver. With everyone spending more time at home things are bound to get messy and no one wants to be attached to the wall while trying to clean. Personally, I am not an automation guy, but if that’s what floats your boat, you might want to step up to a Roomba.


Traditional Route

Traditions are traditional for a reason. A socks, tie, or mug combo gift can do well if done right. A nice card or a good wrapping to go along with them can make these stocking stuffers a fine gift.


That concludes my list, but if none of that appeals to you, I would ask that you at least buy what you are gifting or tell others what you want as soon as possible. No one enjoys last minute shopping. A restful Christmas Eve is one of the best gifts you can give or receive.