What’s up with the iPhone 12?

Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer; Editor

A little over a year from the previous iPhone release, the iPhone 12 was introduced Oct. 16. Not only will the 12 be the first 5G-supported iPhone, catching Apple up with the majority of Android products, but the box the phone comes in will also be significantly lighter. The weight change can’t be attributed to the new design of the phone, however, as the box won’t be carrying a power adapter. It’s even rumored to be missing free earpods as well.


Apple skimping out on including accessories wasn’t meant to be random. Their motivation comes in the form of environmentalism as Apple believes smaller packaging would increase the amount of phones that can be sent in one shipment, reducing shipping costs and getting more cars off the road. However, the contents of the box that were approved have left tech experts confused as yet again, Apple shies away from fully utilizing the USB-C charging cable, instead opting to include a half USB-C half Lightning cable.


There’s a lot of questions to be asked about that executive decision, so let’s start with the most obvious. What is a USB-C charging cable? USB-C isn’t a new concept; in fact, other Apple products, such as laptops, have already adapted to the charger. It’s much faster than the standard Lightning cable that’s been included with every iPhone besides the 12 and is easily the next step in charging technology. By still latching onto the old Lightning technology with the USB-C, Apple actually produces more electronic waste since the half n’ half set-up is niche within the machine world.


Newer systems of wireless charging were also presented along with the iPhone 12. Apple offered Magsafe, a magnetic way of charging, as a new way to start up your phone, but that requires new cables and cases to set-up as well. 


Additionally, the lack of earpods wasn’t too surprising. With the success of AirPods, it only makes sense that Apple wants to capitalize on their popularity and force Apple users to consider buying a pair instead of relying on the free pair of earpods included with almost every iPhone. Apple also stated they didn’t want to clutter iPhone shipments with accessories a majority of iPhone users already own.


Overall, Apple’s current plan does raise a couple of eyebrows, but the predicted popularity of the iPhone 12 gives us a good look at their monopoly over the market. Being months or even years behind Android developments and removing features well-liked amongst iPhone users has done little damage to the company’s success. In fact, Apple sold 2 million iPhone 12 models within the first 24 hours of preorders, over a million more sales than the iPhone 11 experienced last year.


So, if you’re an Apple fanatic, or you’re in the market for a new phone, iPhone 12 is the hottest out there right now. Coming in either black, white, red, mint green or blue, the phone checks off all boxes for being the biggest tech flex for 2020. While we can’t say it’s the most efficient phone available, it definitely provides some solid competition for the Android models and previously released iPhones.