How Does Owning a Cat Benefit Humans?


Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

I’m sure many cat lovers out there have wondered, do these feline creatures of ours benefit us in any way? The answer is yes, more than we realize. 

There is scientific research behind the effects of owning a cat. There is a psychological and physical effect cats have on their owners. According to an Australian study, cat owners are happier, less anxious/stressed and are able to sleep better. People with cats experienced fewer negative emotions than people without cats. In a survey by Cats Protection, 87% of cat owners agreed that their pets have a positive impact on their well being, and 76% said they were able to deal with stress better thanks to their feline friend. After all, how can a kitty sitting in your lap make you feel sad?

As for physical health, people who owned cats in the past have less of a risk of developing heart disease or experiencing a heart attack. Studies even show that a cat’s purr has therapeutic healing abilities on human bones, muscles and tendons. Children who grew up with cats in their homes have a decreased tendency to develop allergies, although studies are still trying to deduce more information on this phenomenon. 

No wonder why the ancient Egyptians worshipped these creatures. Egyptians considered their cats as valuable family members and were the first to domesticate them. The symbiotic relationship between cats and humans is undeniable. A pet’s loyalty is unlike any other connection. Some would argue cats are mean and vicious and too independent. But in all honesty, pets choose you, and when a pet chooses you, there is no questioning their loyalty.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety and can say from experience that my cat has helped me a lot with my emotional health. Doctors even consider getting a pet for people who suffer from depression and anxiety, because of the calming effects pets have. I strongly feel like my cat knows when I’m sad or stressed because she quickly comes to my aid. Pets act as unconditional emotional support. So consider going to your local shelter and get a cat as your next pet. You might just find your new best friend!