Bored in quarantine? Here’s an easy way to get into cooking

Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer; Copy Editor

The world’s on lockdown, everything’s closed, and everyone’s forced to vibe with their family. The last thing on your mind may be how nice your next meal will be; you’re probably more focused on where to buy your next stash of toilet paper. However, while quarantine sucks, it gives you a tremendous amount of time to get good at things, so I suggest cooking. Here is how I got more into the kitchen during Coronacation.


As the cool Gen Z kid I am, turning to my phone for cooking advice was my first plan of action. Once my mom informed me of the app SuperCook, I knew my plan was solidified. In summary, the app is used for compiling recipes that matched what you currently had in your pantry, which can save beginner chefs from that overwhelming feeling where they don’t know where to start.


First, SuperCook asked me what I had available in my house based on various subgroups (ex. Meat, spices, or fruits). There was also a search option in case I had certain supplies in mind I wanted to use. It then stored the information into a section called ‘My Pantry’ and then led me to a page full of recipes that were matched with my information. From there on, it was like a foodie version of Tinder where I scrolled through recipes, not stopped by the worry that I didn’t have everything the instructions required. 


I’ll admit there are some faulty features of the app that should be addressed, such as the inability to clarify what types of tomatoes or olives etc. However, since SuperCook was one of the first applications to tackle the idea of working with what you had at home, unlike other cookbook apps, it was a respectable quality. So much so that I made 3 meals based off what it suggested for me.


For breakfast, I had a craving for crepes as anyone would. Honestly, the recipe for basic crepes is simple enough, usually containing the standard eggs, milk, and flour mixture. However, mostly every site I looked through disagreed on the proportions and what extras to add. With the help of SuperCook, I was able to find a highly rated recipe and got to work. 

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All in all, it was a simple procedure. It was only a matter of measuring and mixing which anyone interested in cooking is able to do. I’m a bit of a cheater and had a crepe maker on hand but the recipe supplied to me by SuperCook had a detailed list on how to manage with a stove and a frying pan. Then, I slapped some nutella and strawberries on them, and I was good to go. Meal one was done. 


I used SuperCook again to plan dinner because you’re lying if you say you have woken up early enough for breakfast and lunch to not be the same thing at this point. Dinner was the best test, though, as it was going to feed my family, and tensions were already high due to the stuck together in one house ordeal. What I learned is that it is super easy to find a good dish when the only thing you have to take into account is if it looks tasty or not instead of also juggling whether or not you had the ingredients for it.


Lemony Olive Oil pasta was what I settled on (lame name I know) and truly the hardest part of it was time management and even that was minimal. Setting aside water to boil, I tasked myself with cutting the dryer ingredients and throwing in some olive oil. The prep time was only 30 minutes, so I feel like it’s right to say that was the easiest first step a beginner can take. Of course, all thanks to SuperCook and it’s “10 ingredients and under” filter; I had to mention that somewhere or what would this article even be about?

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I moved onto dessert after that. If you’re wondering, yes the pasta dinner was scrumptious. Anyways, I was way too excited to make the dessert because I’m not amazing at pastries, but it was the first recipe provided to me on SuperCook, so it felt special. They were Cinnamon Sugar Popovers with the recipe provided by Martha Stewart herself.

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To make a long story short, I failed at this one. I forgot to add vanilla extract like the recipe said, and I didn’t keep them in the oven long enough. However, this was just because I was lacking in brainpower and not that the recipe was hard. I’m sure if I had paid more attention, they would have been super tasty, so shout out to SuperCook either way.

And with my 3 meals done, I felt I had a pretty good grasp on my cooking abilities, SuperCook, and how to feed myself while a pandemic lurks. To sum up, this article was basically to promote SuperCook because at a time where limiting supermarket trips is crucial as well as some need to mix things up to stay sane, having an app give you thousands of options based off supplies you had at home was a real lifesaver.