Amazon Shipping During Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has clearly effected companies all around the world, even the largest company in the world, Amazon, has had to adapt. Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace and since social distancing has been in affect Amazon’s shipping orders have sky-rocketed. The founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has offered double pay for workers who are working more than 40 hours a week and is seeking to hire 100,000 more employees to keep up with the demand. 

Amazon Prime members are used to same day or two day shipping and access to the Prime Pantry. The Prime Pantry is essentially an online grocery store that ships discounted non-perishable foods and household products to a handful of countries. Prime Pantry decided to temporarily shut down due to the surge in orders as the Coronavirus became a pandemic. 

One of the things that makes Amazon so popular is their broad selection of products ranging from electronics to board games and clothing. Prior to the pandemic Amazon sold all of their products in a timely manner, unfortunately Coronavirus has corrupted that tactic. The company announced that they will be prioritizing essential products, such as medical supplies, household staple items, and high-demand items. Business Insiders reached out to Amazon regarding the definition of essential products, they received this in an email: “… prioritizing shipment in the following six categories: baby product; health and household (including personal-care appliances); beauty and personal care; grocery; industrial and scientific; pet supplies.” Having essential items in mind, Amazon has temporarily suspended the shipments of non-essential products from sellers and vendors. This decision allows for more room in their fulfillment centers for medical supplies and high demand products. The vendors and sellers who previously relied on Amazon to make large amounts of shipments for their company have had to take matters into their own hands by shipping and storing their items independently. As of 4/27 there have been no found updates on the Prime Pantry and shipping.