March Madness Hypothetical Bracket


Jackson Thacker, Sports Writer

Andy Katz's predicted 2020 NCAA tournament bracket

Due to the Corona Virus, sports fans were left with no NCAA Basketball post-season action. At first, it seemed that the games would have been played just without any fans, however, a few days later the NCAA announced that no postseason games would occur. The tournament, if played, would have been one of the best tournaments to ever be played due to the talent, great teams, and unbelievable Cinderella moments. Teams like Dayton and San Diego State have come out of nowhere and it looked like they would be able to make deep runs in the tournament.

The Selection

Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga and San Diego State were all able to secure a number one seed in each of the regions. Some other interesting teams are Dayton with a number two seed, Virginia (last year’s champs) with only an eleven seed, Penn State with a number five seed and finally West Virginia with a number two seed. Kentucky (the SEC automatic qualifier) is only rewarded with a five seed despite coming off a great season. The Big 12 sees three teams with top 2 seeds such as Kansas, Baylor, and West Virginia. The Big Ten fails to produce a number one seed however their programs have established mid-level seeds spanning from a third seed to all the way to an eleventh seed. The ACC only sees four of their programs making the bracket despite usually having around eight or nine teams in the bracket. The Big Ten produces the most number of teams in the tournament with a whopping eleven!

Upsets and One-and-Done’s

This year we will not see a sixteen over one seed upset as we have seen in the past, however, there are many low seed teams that look to give their higher-seeded opponents a run for their money. The first upset I have is the (12) ETSU Pirates over the (5) Fighting Illini from Illinois, I then have them upsetting the (4) Auburn Tigers and continuing their Cinderella run. The next upset comes from 5 seed vs. 12 seed game and that is the (12) Liberty Flames over the (5) Arizona Wildcats. Anther upset that is likely is (11) BYU Cougars over their counterpart the (6) Colorado Buffaloes. Our last upset comes from the west bracket and I have the (13) New Mexico State Aggies taking care of the (4) Oregon Ducks. Some one-and-done’s to look for are the (8) St. Mary’s Gales, (9) VCU Rams, (10) Arkansas Razorbacks, (6) LSU Tigers and (10) Houston Cougars.

How will the Bracket Play Out

It seems that a majority of the higher-seeded teams will make it out of the first and second rounds. In the sweet sixteen, we will see a lot of teams really hit their stride and play some of their best basketball yet. My Elite Eight has (12) ETSU vs. (2) Louisville, (2) Duke vs. (5) Kentucky, (1) Kansas vs. (2) Dayton, and finally (1) Gonzaga vs. (11) BYU. After a great elite eight, the Final Four looks to be even more exciting with the two matchups being Louisville vs. Kentucky and Kansas vs. Gonzaga. The Final Four turns out to be some of the best games we have ever seen and after the dust finally settles Kentucky and Kansas both make it out with one game left to play. The championship goes back and forth but with around 3 minutes to go Kansas manages to go on a run and close the game out and dances out of Atlanta with a 2020 National Championship.