Reviewing Lauv’s Debut Album


Mohamad Hashem, Staff Writer

Lauv, the American singer-songwriter, has a new album “~how i’m feeling~. The album cycle began with the single “I’m So Tired…” featuring ex-YouTuber now pop star Troye Sivan. It got mixed reviews, and it was a top 10 hit in many European countries.


Lauv is quite an interesting artist, while his songs are meant to be viewed as deep and personal, in reality they’re just vague deep lyrics. The vagueness could help more people relate to the music, but it also makes the music lose its value. Generally speaking, being more specific tends to help the music be seen as more authentic than just being vague.


For example, in her album “Lemonade”, Beyonce called out Jay Z for cheating on her and notoriously said: “He only want me when I’m not there, He better call Becky with the good hair.” Even though it was very specific and not everyone will be able to relate to having a “Becky” in their lives, the song was still very successful and was instead praised for its authenticity.


Lauv’s songs follow a very simple formula, a 2-4 line verse followed by a decent length chorus to make up for the short verses, and a bridge that contains a couple words from said chorus. To me personally, this gave the songs a sort of cheap vibe, and just made the album sound very simplistic and just not as artistic and personal as it’s been promoted as.


For Lauv to be following such a radio-friendly formula even though he is still not one of the biggest stars in the industry.. It’s brave. In order to make it to the top you need to be different and provide something that makes people want to listen to you. The formula that Lauv follows is not necessarily a bad formula, it’s simply not good enough for him to breakout as an up and coming artist.


With that being said, there are some songs where you can sense some sort of authenticity. For instance, the song “Sims” provides something unique and different, the verses in that song are longer too. The use of metaphors and nostalgic details gives the song a feeling that makes it seem not only relatable but also just fun to listen to. If Lauv was to stay on that vibe instead of just generalizing depression, anxiety and loneliness, the album would;ve been much much better.


Overall, the album was mediocre. It was not an album that has this never done before sound, or a new groundbreaking element. It’s just an album.. I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but I wouldn’t praise it either. Lauv should spend more time to find his niche in the industry, and maybe spend less time repeating lyrics and more time writing lyrics of value. For a debut album, it was good but I do hope he will improve from this.