Milton’s Winter AP Art Show of 2020

This January, Milton’s AP Art Studio classes (2D, 3D and Drawing) taught by Dr. Brown and Ms. Hatcher are currently presenting their AP Winter Art Show of 2020. Students from both Fine Arts classes have presented their sustained investigation (S.I.) artworks for public view. 

In August of 2019, each AP Art student began creating their individual S.I. and will continue their project until the end of the school year in May. The Winter AP Art Show displays the progression of each student at their midway point of their continued investigation. The Winter Art Show is commonly mistaken as a contest, but is solely a public display.

Milton’s AP Art program clearly possesses gifted and exceptional art students with varying approaches, styles of art and artistic mediums. In this exhibit, viewers find materials ranging from acrylic paints to photography to ceramics. Students utilized specific mediums, personal inspiration and individualized techniques to explore their investigation. As each student describes their S.I. as their own, their personalities are expressed through not only their works but their commentation.

Hayley Laird, created an installment of stuffed animals to portray the importance of her childhood in her investigation piece. “My artwork is heavily inspired by my childhood. This part of my S.I. is complete, and I am working to finish the rest of my drawings”. Hayley is currently a junior and attends AP Studio Art at Milton.

“In my concentration, I have created artworks to display the connection between emotional expression and body language. All of my pieces are uncovered bodies with concealed faces, hence the personalized sense of emotion through body language. The materials in the art works include; watercolor, acrylic and graphite on canvas” Zoe Atlow (junior) discloses.

Madeleine DeSpirito reveals, “the central inquiry of my sustained investigation is romanticism of my past/nostalgia shown through clothing and self-expression. As a teenager, I have had many difficult experiences, and as a result of that, I tend to cling on to the nostalgic parts of my childhood. The works of my S.I. illustrate these picture-perfect moments of time that demonstrate how my family members expressed themselves in their childhood and ultimately lead to me clinging on to nostalgic moments.” 

Joyce Chen (Junior) was assisted by her father when finding her S.I topic. Once she decided, her father mentioned to her, “when it comes to food, the texture is just as important as its taste, because say your favorite food is spaghetti—Imagine, you blended the spaghetti and now it’s a drink. All the ingredients remain the same; the only difference is its texture”. She Proceeded, “I was inspired by what he said and decided that for each piece I would emphasize various textures (crispy, silky, fluffy, etc.) using prisma color pencils and acrylic paint.” Joyce Chen then began her creation of hyper realistic images of different foods she found intriguing and is continuing the journey of piecing together her S.I.

Each student in AP Art Studio is halfway through the semester and currently working on finalizing their sustained investigation. Even those who were not mentioned, each and every S.I. had grabbed the attention of viewers with their personalized appeal and the artist’s technique/skill. Stay tuned for the Spring AP Art Show of 2020 towards the end of the school year.