Is There a New Plague on the Loose?

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new PLAGUE at our doorsteps, or at least that’s what everyone is saying. First of all, Coronaviruses aren’t new, since the start of the century there’s already been two outbreaks, one in 2002 and one in 2012. A Coronavirus is simply an RNA virus that causes diseases in animals and humans. 


While we can’t be sure where exactly the virus came from, some believe that the virus did in fact originate from bats, similar to the past two outbreaks. However, not many scientists support that conclusion, and there’s still a lot of speculation going on regarding the origin of the virus.


Regardless of its origin, as of Feb. 11, more than 43 thousand people have been confirmed victims of the virus. The vast majority of the people who have contracted the virus are in China. China has done everything in its power to stop the spread of the virus, even putting the city of Wuhan, where the virus started spreading, on full lockdown. 


The virus did take about a thousand lives, but more than four and a quarter thousand other victims were cured. Doctors say as long as you have a healthy immune system, you should be fine. People over the age of 65, or generally with weak immune systems are more at risk of being affected by the virus. Those with healthy immune systems should be able to pass it off as a “cold or a fever”.


Although the virus has killed nearly a thousand people,. It’s kind of underwhelming when compared to this year’s flu. In the US only, the flu has taken 10 thousand lives, and infected at least a whopping 19 million people; with 180 thousand of which becoming so ill they had to go to the hospital. So most likely, that sore throat of yours is not because of the Wuhan Coronavirus, it’s probably the flu, do get it checked out though.


On a global scale, the Coronavirus’ biggest impact wasn’t it’s effect on global health, it was it’s effect on China’s economy. The Coronavirus outbreak is testing how much the world truly depends on China, and how far can we actually go without China. Many factories are closed for an additional two weeks past the Chinese new lunar year because of the Coronavirus outbreak.


One of the biggest examples is Apple, Apple stock has dropped due to the delay in production. Foxoconn, a chinese electronics manufacturing company which Apple relies on, has only 10% of their workers actively working. Burger King has temporarily closed off half of their locations in China, Carmakers are shutting off their plants and many other businesses who operate or manufacture in China have taken a serious blow.


Moreover, the Chinese government has announced that they will be cutting tariffs on US imports. These tariffs were set back when the trade war was very heated, many see this move as China waving the white flag. Anything that happened to the world’s second biggest economy will shake up international trade no matter what, the Coronavirus outbreak has done so much damage to China’s economy and any other economy that depended on China. Now we sit back and wait to see if China is able to rebound from it all.