Looking at the Life and Legacy of Kobe Bryant

Looking at the Life and Legacy of Kobe Bryant

Jackson Thacker

On Sunday, January 26 some heartbreaking news surfaced around the world about NBA Allstar Kobe Bryant. Bryant was said to be involved in a fatal helicopter crash with his daughter, GiGi Bryant, as well as some of Bryant’s other friends. The news was first reported by TMZ, who has been known for fake news, however the accident was later confirmed by trusted source Adrian Wojnarowski. So many people were affected by this tragic news, but why?


Well for one, he has inspired so many within the millennial and Gen Z generations. He is basically todays equivalent of Michael Jordan.  Within Bryant’s lifetime he has created the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Charity. This charity helps children who don’t have the resources that many people take for granted today. The charity has helped over a million kids and is truly a wonderful charity.


People love Kobe Bryant because he was a star in the NBA. Bryant has played for over 20 years and has manage to rack up many awards during his tenure. Bryant received 18 NBA allstar awards, five NBA champmionships, 4 MVP awards, 1996 rookie of the year, and won the MVP twice in the Finals. During his carrer he set a record setting 33643 all-time points and played in 1326 games. Kobe Bryant played all of his carrer with the Los Angeles Lakers.



Kobe Bryant was said to be traveling to his daughters AAU basketball game at the time of the crash. It was reported that the pilot of the helicopter had a seizure just a few seconds before the crash. As of Now the FAA has been investigating the crash and has not released in any major findings. Many people have reached out to Vanessa Bryant, wife of Kobe Bryant, to express their condolences. The world is deeply saddened by this tragedy and the fact that it happened to one who was loved by many.