Eagle Edition Reporters predict the events of 2020

Eagle Edition Reporters predict the events of 2020

Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer; Copy Editor

With New Years just passing, people are reminiscing on the past decade while welcoming the 2020s. This past decade has been a big one for the development of culture, technology, sports, etc., and some are starting to predict or “speak into existence” things that might happen this year. Never a group to fall behind on trends, The Eagle Edition staff members decided to share their best guesses for what’s to come in 2020.



According to our reporters, 2020 will be the year of teams losing. Many predicted for the Atlanta Falcons to lose again during the Super Bowl, exemplifying our fantastic state spirit. One of our bold editors believed a #1 seed will lose to a #16 for March Madness, which would mess up a lot of brackets but might just help mine. An honorable losing mention would be baseball as a whole since one of our members guessed they would lose popularity to synchronized swimming.


However, not all of our staff members are sports-savvy and settled with a generic “I don’t know” or took the political route, guessing progress will be made in equal pay for women’s’ soccer. 


Pop Culture

With a staff full of teens, there was no difficulty collecting a diverse set of answers for what will happen in relation to societal trends in 2020. For memes, some said they will be centered on 2010 throwbacks, at least at the beginning of the year, while others believed political memes will become popular as the next presidential election moves closer. 


Social media was also a target prediction. One said Instagram will be ignored in favor of a new social app. Arguably, it wouldn’t be too far off, considering apps like TikTok and Twitter have been gaining traction over the course of 2019. Speaking of Twitter, the platform has been known to rotate “white boys of the month” or white male celebrities that are attractive to the general population of users. Timothee Chalamet held this title in late 2017 and early 2018 for his role in “Call Me By Your Name,” but our staff predicted he’d capture the hearts of twitter users again in 2020.


Finally, e-girl and e-boy culture grew with the popularity of TikTok, but our co-editor claimed it’d go further, and scene/emo culture will come back full swing in 2020. Fringes, Raccoon ring dye jobs, and Screamo playlists were big in 2005 to 2010 and like the 80’s styles, has full potential of returning to modern pop culture.



A small portion of our staff are up to date on fashion trends, so bear with me. Reasonable answers included modest/oversized clothing spreading from Billie Eilish to the general population, nose piercings becoming a stylish accessory to the point of fakes being sold/worn, and small tattoos will be the hottest thing to get inked. These predictions are likely, since they reflect trends seen in the 2010s except they deviate a little. On the other hand, the other half of our members gave interesting– for lack of a better word– style guesses. For example, one said Jorts will be a fun 2020 summer item, and another believed jeans will take another direction and go low rise. Ironically, a quick google search of both of these items will show results with negative opinions, so it’d be a strange trend to popularize during 2020.  



The 2020 election seems to be on most of the staff’s minds as multiple people included relevant political candidates and leaders in their predictions. Focusing on candidates, former vice president, Joe Biden, was called to be involved in a serious scandal that might hinder his shot at the democratic nomination. Fortunately, if this were to happen, another one of our staff members guessed Indiana mayor, Pete Buttigieg, would win the democratic ticket, instead of Biden, and face off with incumbent president, Donald Trump. 


Speaking of Trump, a wild fantasy turned prediction made it onto the staff poll, and one of our reporters believed our current president will flee the country and take British prime minister, Boris Johnson, with him. While the theory seems a bit far-fetched, it would allow for another reporter’s estimate, world leading countries will begin to pass more eco-friendly legislation, to come true, considering the aforementioned world leaders have had sketchy views on environmental policies. 


Biggest Surprises

Finally, I gave our reporters a blank slate to express what would be the most unexpected event to occur this year. Starting off with our war fanatics, one reporter said they’d be surprised if total war outbroke while their foil said they’d be surprised if total war didn’t outbreak in 2020. Both are bold predictions that say a good deal about the state of politics currently. A bolder take given by another staff member consisted of the earth failing to spin being the craziest thing to happen. 


However, let’s explore some of the more plausible, yet interesting guesses. With this 2019’s release of Disney +, some have been skeptical as to how other major streaming services will manage. One Eagle Edition journalist predicted the new addition to the Disney franchise will buy out Netflix, which would be an anticlimactic end to the popular replacement for cable.  


Therefore, by the word of our reporters, it looks like 2020 will shape up to be a crazy year for the entire population. Arguably, the first couple days of this year have given a nutty preview to what’s to come, so who knows how accurate or far off the Eagle Edition staff will be?