PBIS rewards given and more to come


Nadine Haddad, Director of Social Media; Staff Writer

You may have noticed that the morning announcements have been full of news concerning the PBIS program at Milton High School. Raffle ticket entries, raffle winners, lunch snacks, etc. But what is the fuss all about? What are PBIS points and how can you get them?

Marvin Fullilove and Gary Wludyga, two administrators at Milton, are the instigators of the program. Last year, I wrote an article concerning the implementation of the program (read it here: https://theeagleedition.com/1890/all-news/school-news/positivity-becomes-a-prize/), and it is impressive to look back and note how much it has progressed since then.

Fullilove reveals that this year, Milton introduced the paper PBIS Rewards Tickets. “We felt like it would give teachers something to present the student for Repping the M,” he says. Along with doing this, it provides students an incentive to do good and be kind to others. 

You may have seen some posters in the hallway that read “REP the M.” The mantra of PBIS at Milton is “REPM,” each letter retaining a specific meaning:

R – Be Resolved

E – Be Engaged

P – Be Positive

M – Be Mindful

If you look more closely at those posters displayed around the halls, classrooms, and bathrooms, you can see specific examples of good deeds you can do to REP the M. Fullilove explains this by revealing that “we show Resolve by having a try and try again attitude.” Teachers have even customized these expectations to fit their classroom desires. So, Fullilove suggests that if you are in doubt, talk to your teacher and he or she may give you some ideas on certain things you can do to earn some points and feel generous.

If students win the raffles provided at the end of each month, they can choose what they want to win in exchange for the tickets. Some prizes students can purchase or wn with their tickets include “parking spaces, gift cards to local food establishments, packages to local entertainment venues, prom tickets for a couple,” and more. 

Currently, the PBIS program is working on better prizes for students, and they are hoping to gain more momentum with what they are offering now. Fullilove reveals, “Continue to REPM, and we will continue to find ways to honor your efforts to positively impact Milton High School.” Hopefully, PBIS will soon develop beyond the morning announcements and embed itself into students’ hearts. Those with good intentions deserve to be recognized. 

Students will have the opportunity to redeem tickets with their rewards at least every 6 weeks. So be sure to keep up with the morning announcements to enter the next raffle and possibly get your name drawn!