Culture Uncovered


This holiday, our journalism staff decided to cross cultures and celebrate important traditions with a favorable topic, food. Staff writers, Catherine Everett and I, will be sharing our familial recipes from our Irish and Hispanic heritage while preparing our favorite culinary dishes.

We obtained our inspiration to do this project from the recent trip where seven lucky Milton students took to Japan for one week. Being shown mouthwatering pictures and hearing wonderful stories, we have decided to take on a culinary adventure and incorporate our very own traditions by displaying popular dishes from each of our families.

I (Catherine) will be making Bangers and Mash in honor of my Irish heritage. It’s a very common and popular dish in Ireland, and you can find it in nearly any Irish Pub in the U.S.  It’s popular gravy like filling makes it a great meal to go with anything, especially around St. Patrick’s Day. To describe bangers and mash is simple: it’s gravy poured over usually two sausage links, (bangers) that are on top of mashed potatoes, mash, peas and oftentimes onions. It might be simple, but it’s simply delicious.

After Catherine’s mash delicacy was offered to her classmates, she was compelled by numerous reviews. One of the many comments, Parker Gilliam states, “_”.  The following day, I (Allison) prepared my family’s ancestral Mexican guacamole. For the picky/uncultured eaters, guacamole is a common South American avocado like dip, and is commonly favored entirely when perfected.

 My grocery list obtained ten soft avocados, two red tomatoes, a small bunch of cilantro, ½ of a white onion, ½ of a lime, salt throughout and lastly the key ingredient… Caldo con Sabor de Pollo, which translated to chicken bouillon flavoring.  This essential spice has no limits, the chef may add however much he or she likes until favored. All of these elements can be mixed to one’s desired consistency using a common Molcajete (mortar and pestle like bowl). Lastly serve with chips (preferably Tostitos lime) and this recipe can serve near 10-15 people. 

For the bangers and mash you’ll need two tablespoons vegetable oil, two tablespoons butter, two medium onions, one teaspoon sugar, one teaspoon balsamic vinegar, 16 ounces of beef stock, four teaspoons cornstarch, four teaspoons water, salt and freshly ground black pepper for the onion gravy. To make the gravy you thinly slice the onions and put them in a pot with the oil and butter. Then you let those sit for a few minutes until the onions are soft. Then you add sugar and balsamic vinegar and let it sit for a few minutes. After that you need to add the beef stock and let sit for about 15 minutes. 

While that’s sitting you mix water and cornstarch and then add it to the onions. After letting it sit and stirring it on high for about 10 minutes add salt and pepper. For the potatoes you’ll need 2 pounds of potatoes, six tablespoons of milk, one stick of butter, salt, and freshly ground pepper. To make the potatoes you put freshly cut and peeled potatoes in boiling water until the potatoes are soft. Then you drain the water and let the potatoes cool in a separate bowl. During this you put in your 6 tablespoons of milk and your stick of butter into the pot and once the butter has melted completely add it to your potatoes and mash the potatoes with the milk and butter in it.

 Once they are the consistency of mashed potatoes you add salt and pepper. And finally for the sausage you’ll need 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 4 to 8 sausages (depending on how many sausages you want per serving). For the sausages you need to put vegetable oil in a skillet and let it sit on medium for a minute or two before putting your sausages on. After your sausages are on keep flipping them every few minutes. Once they’re fairly cooked on each side put them in an oven set to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes. After that, take them out and put everything together and boom you have bangers and mash. My recipe can serve about 4 people.

As seen in our step processes, both dishes were thoroughly enjoyed by our classmates and teachers. The both of us experienced a cultural connection when creating and sharing our different foods. With majority favoring both dishes, it is a good reminder that all cultures come together indefinitely, to admire the sharing of tasteful food.