Frozen 2, flawless or failure?

Frozen 2, flawless or failure?

The journey continues in the mountains of Arendelle…

The followup over the animated musical Frozen has been overly prolonged. Six years ago, Disney released the original “Frozen” film in November of 2013. Ever since, the media has created such a vast hype for “Frozen 2” that Disney has absolutely no room for error. This sequel not only remains a cultural phenomenon, but has created a fandom like no other. 

Elsa and Anna’s battle to save Arendelle continues in Frozen 2, though Arendelle’s opponent isn’t just some backstabbing prince. The magical manifestations of earth, air, fire and water have created destruction throughout the kingdom, forcing Snow Queen Elsa and her citizens to flee the countryside.

Without Spoilers, the movie begins with a flashback of young Elsa and Anna. Their father tells them of a bedtime story that persists of the existence of an enchanted forest that holds the powers of earth, wind, air and fire which become significant later in the story.

While Arendelle is endangered by natural forces, Elsa reveals her personal battle against a mysterious voice in her head which calls from far away. The gang (Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf) is reunited to unmask this mysterious voice, but the journey is soon interrupted by the encounter of the enchanted forest. Though the voice is somehow connected to Arendelle’s destruction, Elsa claims to Anna, “I believe whatever is calling me is good.”

While Elsa’s main distraction is an unknown voice, Kristoff is even more head over heels for Anna than before. With scenes of Anna rejecting Kristoff and the deny towards his affection, he winds up with his own solo scene which fans seem to be fond of.

Elsa’s new solo “Show Yourself” is said to be the new “Let it Go.” Though viewers debate whether or not it replaces the iconic original, the song perfectly describes Elsa’s struggle with revealing the masked voice.

Fan favorite characters Olaf, Sven and Oaken also reappear in this film. Sven adjoined Kristoff in the song “Reindeer Are Better Than People,” where viewers witnessed Sven sing his first musical number. The humble Oaken returns with his Trading Post and sauna to tend to Sven and Kristoff with a ravishing manicure. Lastly, Olaf (our favorite snowman), offers laughter and guidance for his friends throughout the film.

With only eight days past its release date, “Frozen 2” has grossed 580 million dollars globally and is predicted to reach 1.2 billion dollars [like the original]. But the film itself isn’t Disney’s only profit, worldwide stores continue to sell “Frozen 2” merchandise for their fans. 

“Frozen 2” brings back Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven for a magical journey where they must travel long distances and fight the elements’ manifestations in order to save their homeland. With even more characters, conquests and landmarks than before, it is safe to say that Disney has created another whimsical musical that captures the globe yet again.