Instagrams Controversial New Update: Hidden Likes?

Instagrams Controversial New Update: Hidden Likes?

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

Instagram is coming out with a new update that will “hide” likes from users. The feature has been tested in other countries, but is now being brought to the U.S. There are mixed emotions from users about the new update. The question is however, will this help the mental issues that social media inflicts on users?

The new update will hide likes from users’ followers, however, users will still be able to see how many likes their post has by tapping on the list of people who’ve liked it. Users can still see if their posts don’t do that well which defeats the purpose of the new update.  The purpose of the feature is to draw focus to the actual picture/video and not the quantity of likes on the post. Users can still like posts, they just aren’t able to view the amount of likes on it.

Instagram, among other social media apps, affect teenagers’ and adults’ view of themselves. Social media over the years has caused a negative impact on the younger generations’ body image. It is not unheard of that social media affects the way the younger generation views themselves. Social media influences how teens behave and talk, along with their appearance. 

Another concerning factor to the update is how it will affect the influencer marketing industry. Companies won’t be able to see the amount of likes influencers receive which measures their success on the app. The influencing market on Instagram may decrease due to the new update, and influencers may have to expand their platform on other social media apps.

In Milton, some of the students agree with the update and view it in a positive perspective.  Junior Zoe Atlow says, “I think that this new feature will make a lot of teenagers mad but I think it’s a good idea because people will post more freely without having the stress of the amount of likes they’re receiving.” However, other students don’t agree with the update. Sophomore Carlye Taylor says, “I post Instagram pictures solely for the likes. I want to see how relevant I am and I don’t like the feature.”

Instagram has tested out the feature in Australia and it has received positive feedback so far. Other countries have also been a trial for the update to see how it will do, including Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand.

Overall, there are pros and cons to the new update, but the reason behind it is for good intentions. Once the update comes to the U.S we’ll see the ripple effect the update will inflict upon the internet-obsessed Americans.