Boomers Need to Calm Down.

December 2, 2019

After years of blaming millennials and young people for everything, the younger generations have started retaliating on the boomers.


In a recent trend, Gen Z and Millennials have taken charge against the elderly. The term “ok boomer” would be used after a common stereotypical baby boomer rant. The trend began on the new app sensation “TikToK”, with teenagers saying “ok boomer” to an audio of an older man complaining about Millenials and Gen Z, claiming that they have the “Peter Pan Syndrome” and that they never want to go grow up. The trend then blew up and became a worldwide phenomenon, to the point where Fox is filing a trademark for the phrase so it can be used for a TV show.


A simple two-word phrase became one of the most, if not the most, iconic phrases of the year. The simplicity and carelessness of “ok boomer” is what made it so popular. The younger generations didn’t fight fire with fire, they simply said ok boomer. However, even though it seems innocent, many people from both sides have associated hatred with it, and now it grew from just a meme to what multiple media outlets have called a “generational war”.


The irony of the situation is that boomers have claimed that the younger generations are “soft” but then when the younger generations started standing up, some boomers got so offended they started classifying “ok boomer” as the n-word of the elderly. An article by the New York Times claimed that the phrase marked “the end of friendly generational relations., which was ironic since Millenials have been blamed for everything bad happening to the economy for the past decade. Others have been trying to get the term banned from the workplace.


Ok boomer is like that one joke you told your mom, and then she turned it into a lecture. While the start of it was mainly a self-defense mindset, it grew to target the generation itself. And with the modern internet loving nothing more than attacking a group of people, it blew out of proportion. While it may not be a slur, generalizing a stereotype about a large group of people is still pretty harmful. But for the meantime, ok boomer.

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