Silence of a Country

Catherine Everett

America has always faced a constant war within itself. People dying everyday due to gun-related injuries and shootings has caused many people outside of America to describe it as a dystopian society. So why has America normalized mass shootings.


In recent times, shootings have become a very common occurrence in America. At this time (November 18th, 2019) there have been 372 mass shootings across America throughout this year. So first of all let’s answer the question of what counts as a mass shooting?


For a shooting to be considered a mass shooting, four or more people have to be injured or killed during an incident that takes place in one specific location. So shootings are a big deal, especially when anyone can fall victim to one with the carelessness the government has with gun restrictions. 

Of those 372 shootings, it seems as if recently so few of them have had any coverage. So the big question is: why have these shootings gone ignored? If a shooting were to happen at Milton, would anyone outside of the county know? Does our country care about us? These are the types of questions American students may ask themselves.

So with these constant shootings it could be assumed that there’s constant media coverage on it; however, the majority of shootings you cannot find unless you go to an archive that tracks the constant shootings in America. At this point only shootings with a higher amount of fatalities get major coverage. This could be the result of just the large amount of shootings that happens or desensitization to shootings. In November alone (as of November 18th) there have been 20 shootings and roughly 4 of them have had major media coverage. Shootings feel almost like a normal occurrence in America at this point. With more shootings than days in a year so far, it has become an ordeal. an idea behind the lack of coverage is because of the normalization of the idea of shootings. They happen almost every day so it’s almost like it’s not as important of a topic to talk about anymore. Another idea is only the large shootings get coverage. There’s a difference between two and ten fatalities so often only larger shootings get the coverage while the smaller shootings are widely overlooked.


The crisis of shootings needs to come to an end. But without proper coverage and knowledge of these shootings they will persist.