Milton Students’ Upcoming Trip to Japan

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

During Thanksgiving break, students taking Japanese have the opportunity to travel to Japan for 10 days on a full paid trip funded by Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Japan Association allowed Miltons Japanese teacher Nicholas Moorman’s students to apply to the Gen-J Japan Exchange Program which is entirely funded by the association. Some schools were given the same opportunity, but since Milton did so well in the  Japanese Academic Challenge last year, the Japanese American Association reached out to Milton to host them. 

Six students from Milton received the opportunity to go after they won a contest where they had to write essays about Japanese and American coalition. Through the essays, the winners were selected. Three more students won a different contest in Milton so in total, 9 students from Milton are going on the trip. Different students had to do different things to win the opportunity. Not only did students have to write an essay, but they also had to win points. Moorman gave points to students who did tutoring, hosted Japansese exchange students, participated in culture clubs and competitions. 

The students will be visiting cities and businesses since they’re considered ambassadors to help tourism in Japan, as well as meeting the minister of foreign affairs. They’re visiting 4 cities, including: Tokyo, Kamakura, Hiroshima and Miyajima. The purpose of the trip is to increase language study, and solve economic issues and the connection between America and Japan. Japan is an island nation and its economy depends on exporting goods, so their goal is to increase relations with other countries for trading. 

One of the students who are going on the trip is senior Christina Wang. Wang says she is “I’m excited to go since I haven’t been to Japan in a while. To prepare for the trip I’m reviewing a lot of grammar points so when I go I’m able to to have a full conversation with the people I meet,” says Wang. 

The trip is a great opportunity for Japanese students to put their language skills to the test.