History Behind Three Holidays

Catherine Everett

Have you ever thought to yourself how different holidays came about? How about their origins and how they’ve changed over time? Well everything has history to it, so all those questions can be answered.


Halloween is a huge holiday. Kids all around look forward to trick-or-treating, teens get ready to watch scary movies or party and adults commence adulting. But back before it was Halloween it was called Samhain. Samhain was a Celtic holiday celebrated at the end of their year, which was October 31st. It was seen as the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the cold winter which was thought to bring death. It was celebrated this way until the Roman Empire took over Celtic lands around 43 A.D. The Romans combined two of their holidays with Samhain. Samhain slowly turned into the Modern day Halloween after many years of it being a Roman-Celtic holiday. Today it is practiced as dressing children up and sending them to take food from strangers; something that is very frowned upon on October 30th and November 1st. 


Columbus Day has always been a controversial holiday across America. Some refer to it as indeginous people’s day, since Christopher Columbus did not find America, he simply spread illnesses and stole the land from indeginous people. Christopher Columbus was a Spanish explorer trying to find an easier way to get to Asia, but everyone knows this part. After sailing he ended up landing in what is now Cuba. He explored the land and ended up finding indeginous people on the land. Him and his crew ended up committing mass murder because he wanted the land and was kind of very mean. His vibe was disgusting and he should have been vibe checked as soon as he found Cuba. 


Christmas is a holiday all people think is fantastic. I mean, who doesn’t love random gifts for no reason? Well, this holiday has some pretty interesting history. The bible doesn’t actually say to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the bible doesn’t even state the precise day that Jesus was born. It kinda just happened. In 221 A.D. Sextus Julius Africanus just said Jesus was born on December 25th and everyone just rolled with it. They were like alright that’s calm. But Christmas is believed to have been made in retaliation to Pegan Festivals even though the church was trying to distinguish themselves from Paganism.


Well holidays are always intriguing but always have very different and interesting roots to them.