What’s going on with the Democratic Debates?


October 15th marked the fourth Democratic debate for the 2020 election. The debate took place in Ohio, most likely as an attempt from the Democratic National Committee to gain the vote from Ohio. 

The candidates that made the cut for this debate were: 

  • Vice President Joe Biden
  • Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 
  • Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren 
  • California Senator Kamala Harris 
  • New Jersey Senator Cory Booker 
  • Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard  
  • Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke 
  • Secretary Julien Castro
  • South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg 
  • Entrepreneur Andrew Yang 
  • And, making his debut debate: Banking Billionaire Tom Steyer.


Since the start of the debate, it was clear who the front runners were: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Our three musketeers of the 2020 elections were placed right in the center of the stage next to each other. However, something interesting happened. Instead of targeting big dog Biden who was leading almost all the polls by a landslide, candidates targeted their criticism onto Warren. Nevertheless, many big media outlets, such as the “New York Times” said that Warren still came off as a winner and that she made sure to deflect all shots in the best manner. There was some anger towards CNN from the viewers, as many were upset about the lack of debate questions regarding President Trump’s impeachment and climate change policy.


With all the change in the primaries, the upcoming debate should be even more interesting (and entertaining). Due to Bernie’s health scare, many of his supporters have jumped ship to support Elizabeth Warren; resulting in Warren rising in polls against Biden, with some polls even showing that she has the lead. 


And not much after the October debate; Beto O’Rourke, who was seen as one of the big contenders for the nomination, made shocking news and announced that he was ending his campaign. Many suspect that the reason behind his campaign collapse was the lack of endorsements and donations. All of this is the recipe for an amazing debate.


The November debate is set to take place in Georgia and the requirements to make it into the debate will be harsher than before, so candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Julien Castro and Tulsi Gabbard might not make it into the debate. For now though, it’s pretty clear that the race is shaping down to Biden Vs. Warren.