Milton Improv is back!


Jessi Rich and Joelle Dlugozima

Two days before Halloween, Milton Improv performed their first show of the 2019-20 season. The troupe, Controlled Chaos, donned purple tie dye shirts and performed in various ad-libbing games much to the delight of the audience.


The act opened with a Halloween-themed video made by the cast members, portraying kooky interactions between trick-or-treaters and homeowners. The spooky atmosphere carried on to the decorations: the Blackbox Theatre was adorned with flashy signs warning of zombies, animated ghosts swinging from left to right and fake cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.


The recent show featured many classic improv games, all of which involved audience participation by asking for scene and character suggestions. Through these various activities, the entertainers showcased their humor and quick thinking.


In one game, six troupers rotated in pairs and performed different scenes, moving at the command of one of the officers. The performers had to remember which scene they were in with which person and switch rapidly, requiring laudable skill and wit. 


In another, the troupe asked the audience to come up with a party scenario. The catch? One of the characters invited to the party is notoriously disliked, for reasons performers come up with on the spot. The person in question then enters “the party,” harassing the other guests in the ways they mentioned and resulting in loads of laughter. 


Off the stage, the improv troupe stepped up its advertising game this year with the creation of a separate Instagram account. In years previous, Controlled Chaos’s shows would be announced on Milton Theatre’s page, giving them little spotlight in the sea of other Milton Theatre events. However, the new officers, Rohan Dhume (senior), Blake Kerzie (senior) and Bailey Byrdsong (junior) are making it possible to find and follow the improv troupe with more ease. 


Catch Controlled Chaos’s next show on Friday, Dec. 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the Blackbox Theatre. Likewise, if you’re interested in joining the troupe, the next tryouts will be held this coming spring.


By: Jessi Rich, Joelle Dlugozima