College Application Tips


Nadine Haddad, Director of Social Media; Staff Writer

If you are reading this article, chances are you are a senior. Perhaps feeling a little lost. Confused. Stressed. Anxious. 

This is the time of year where all the emotions you both struggled with and celebrated throughout your high school career bundle together into one big college application.

Here are a few tips to get you started if you haven’t yet, or to keep you going if you already have.

The main things that colleges are looking for when reviewing your application are GPA, course rigor,  extracurricular activities, awards and recognitions, letters of recommendation from teachers/community, resumes and, possibly, interviews. 


Set a plan:

Before starting the Common Application, Coalition Application or the specific application for the school of your choice, set a plan. Begin by figuring out the application deadlines for the schools you are applying to. Some approaching October 15 Early Action deadlines fall under the following schools: Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, UNC Chapel Hill, Lake Forest College and Westmont College.

Another major early action deadlines include November 1 and November 15. For more information, visit


When to apply?

If you are curious as to whether or not you should apply early to the college of your choice, check to see if the application is binding. If an application falls under early decision, the contract is binding and you must attend the school if you are accepted. If the application falls under early action, the contract is not binding and you have the choice whether or not to attend the school if you are accepted. Make sure to analyze what criteria schools primarily consider for Early Action, Early Decision and Regular Decision, and see if you need time to improve in specific areas to apply regular decision.


Reporting your GPA: 

When reporting your GPA to your college, do not recalculate it to a 4.0 scale. Our school uses a numeric scale out of 100, so make sure to keep it at that. However, keep in mind that colleges calculate GPA differently, so be sure to research how your GPA will be calculated and if it is in range for admissions.


Sending SAT/ACT Scores:

One thing you are on your own for is sending SAT/ACT scores to the colleges of your choice. A common misconception is that the counselor is responsible for sending scores over, however, students are to visit the SAT and/or ACT websites and send their scores themselves, likely for a fee. 


Counselor Recommendation Letter:

If your college requires a counselor recommendation letter, one sheet that you must fill out and turn into your counselor 10 DAYS BEFORE THE APPLICATION DEADLINE is your Senior Profile. You can find this along with other Senior Guidance info at this link:


Requesting Your Transcript:

In order to order your transcript, you must make an account on When requesting your transcript, you can choose whether it is sent to the institution or to an individual. You should not submit your transcript to your college until your application is complete. Also note that if you are applying on Common or Coalition Application, you do not need to request a transcript for those schools because it will be provided by your counselor.


Georgia Scholarship Programs:

Two well-known scholarship programs offered for in-state tuition include HOPE and Zell-Miller. In order to qualify for either of these, you must fill out the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid: form,

, which opened October 1. Keep in mind that students must complete this form each year. You can also complete the GSFAPPS (Georgia Student Financial Aid Application System). Your social security number must be on file to receive the HOPE scholarship, and you must submit your official test scores to be eligible for the Zell Miller scholarship. 

HOPE Requirements:

Minimum 3.0 GPA at checkpoints to receive and maintain

Zell Miller Requirements:

Minimum of 3.7 GPA and at least a single SAT score of 1200+ or a single ACT score of 26+ to receive.

Minimum of 3.3 GPA at checkpoints to maintain.


Other Facts For Seniors:

Class size: 569

Graduation date: May 22, 2020

Class rank: Milton High School does not rank students.


Helpful Links/Sources:

College and Career Center: Located in room 2201.

Milton High School Guidance Website:

GA Futures:

College Navigator:

Fast Web:

College Board:


Merit Aid:



If you have any questions or concerns concerning the college application process, feel free to visit any of the sources listed above or leave a comment down below, and we will get back to you promptly.