World War III is Coming! Who Are YOU Betting On?

October 8, 2019

International tensions have been on a steady rise; meaning that the highly anticipated “World War III” could be right around the corner. If you’re wondering who to bet on, here are the countries that you should keep an eye out for:


The U.S. and the U.N. have been placing sanctions on Iran since the ‘60s, making it very difficult for Iran to trade oil and valuable resources with other nations. The U.S. has also stated that any nation who trades with Iran would also have sanctions placed on it. All of this caused China becoming the biggest importer of Iranian Oil.


And in July of this year, Iran made shocking news by seizing a British oil tanker. The ship has since been released, however it did its fair share of raising international tensions. On September 14th, drones were sent to attack Saudi Arabia’s oil base. While Iran has denied claims that they were responsible for the attack, most nations believe that it was Iran. 


After all these years of being the underdog, is Iran finally making a comeback?



Relations between the U.S. and China have been a little rocky, and the current trade war is not making anything any better. China has been the fastest growing country since the 1980s, with an estimated amount of 160-180 nuclear weapons; China is definitely a big worldwide threat. 


Also, China has been increasing their influence around the world in places like Africa, East Asia and currently even Europe; one example is the “Belt and Road Initiative”.  The initiative is a Chinese government-lead program to “remake” the historic Silk Roads. Once completed in 2049, the BRI would connect Italy Greece and the Netherlands with Eastern Asian countries like China, Indonesia and many others across the world.


China is following the footsteps of WWII icon, Nazi Germany. In WWII, Germany massacred Jews and other minorities and now China is targeting the Uighur who are a Muslim ethnic minority in China. For the past couple of years, China has been caught detaining and murdering innocent Muslim Uighurs. Could China give the failed strategy justice?


North Korea

North Korea has a reputation for being isolated; however, the nuke-equipped country surprisingly is building international relations with many countries. Over the years, North Korea has been quietly making deals with African nations. Countries like: Botswana Angola Senegal and many more, have all been getting financial support from the nuclear armed nation. 


Recently, North Korea has been more keen to the U.S., President Trump even visited North Korea in 2017. North Korea even agreed to negotiate nuclear deals with the U.S.; however, coming to an agreement between these two nations might be a bit tough (and a little anticlimactic for us viewers). North Korea wants more than just relief of some sanctions, they want something bigger, such as “bringing the long-isolated North Korea into U.S.-dominated institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, or even a peace treaty to formally end the Korean War”.  North Korea will definitely be an interesting case in the upcoming World War.



Israel has been going through a genocide and culture cleanse of their own, for half a century Israel have been murdering Palestinians and taking over their land. It’s not a secret that without the U.S. and it’s funding, Israel simply would not exist. Israel is still in an on-going conflict with its neighbor Syria, and it’s the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, they’re undeclared new weapons, but nuclear weapons nonetheless.


Israel was born because of a World War, and now it could be they’re first chance to prove themselves in the international politics field. 


European Union

After both the world wars, Europe has been attempting to work together and decrease the fighting. With high restrictions on Germany’s army, and the European Union unifying European countries, the war tensions in Europe have been on a low. However, France and the U.K. still have nuclear weapons just to be safe. 


Even though they caused both the world wars, the European nations have finally came together and no longer wage wars over nothing. Brexit might have caused some tension but not “start a whole war” tensions. Europe has made its legacy in the world war franchise, and now it’s time to pass the baton.



After the cold war, tensions between the U.S. and Russia have been at an all high. Which is what caused the U.S. and some European countries make the NATO alliance, NATO is simply an alliance against Russia and the expansion of the past Soviet Union. While Russia and the U.S. have not made direct attacks at each other, there still has been some indirect conflicts. In the Syrian civil war, Russia backed the Assad regime while the U.S. backed the rebels. There is  proof that Russia interfered with the American election. 


Russia has a decent relationship with both Iran and China, who all have a common enemy. In past world wars, Russia jumped ship with the U.S. and western Europe; however, for this war it is uncertain if Russia will still go that road.


And finally..

The U.S.

Arguably, the strongest nation in the world. America has made its presence loud and clear. America is involved in almost all international conflicts. America has been said to have the most powerful military in the world, and it has spent decades building influence and trust around the world. However, once you reach the top of the proverbial mountain the only way to go is down?


 Could the inevitable happen sooner than we had expected? Can the mighty fall so quickly? 


We might not know who is starting World War III; however,what we do know is that if you give a couple nations nuclear weapons and give them some time, before you know it, another person will try invading mother Russia. 

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