What do we think of mobile Mariokart so far?

Parker Gillam, Editor In Chief/Sports Editor

Nintendo released a new Mariokart game for mobile devices on Wednesday of this week. The game, after receiving plenty of hype before it’s release, was downloaded by millions upon release, and many have been taken over by Mariokart mania during the past couple days.

The game is easy-to-play, with a simplistic steering system through either tilting your device or guiding the vehicle along with your finger. Nintendo also obviously aimed to make this a quick, addictive game, with only two laps per race, plenty of rewards for every race you finish and a plethora of characters and vehicles to unlock.

The game play is overall fairly enjoyable. The difficulty of opposing racers is nothing overly challenging, but they are skilled enough to still prevent most players from finishing first in every race. The new system of mystery boxes allows players to obtain more than one item per box depending on their cart setup. Each cart and character matches up differently with every course, and extra player points (the measuring stick of a player’s achievements) are awarded for carts/characters that match up well with the courses. To regularly earn player points, the actions a player performs during races (items, jumps, etc) and the finishing place are what makes up the majority.

The mobile version of the game differs from its more famous cousin “Mariokart Wii” in a lot of ways. The method of progression through the game is more streamlined instead of open, and the controls are far simpler. Karts and gliders now offer benefits in the form of extra items and points as opposed to stats such as speed, acceleration, weight or handling. Many nostalgic courses are not included in the mobile version as well, which many hope will change in the immediate future.

Overall, Mariokart has appeared to be an immediate hit. The addictive play-style and apparent longevity of the game (many races and challenges as well as multiplayer features to partake in) will likely combine to make Mariokart one of the top apps of 2019.

However, there are some issues with the game. Luigi makes an appearance on the cover and loading screen of the game, but still is not a playable character. And while you can add friends within the app, the ability to race against said friends is still not available. Both of these things figure to appear in later updates, but they are huge pieces of the Mariokart experience that are missing.

Courses within the game are fun to play and look great, but there is a limited amount. More courses will likely be added in the future, but as of right now, many tracks are repeated throughout the game, making for somewhat of a repetitive experience.

Regardless, the brand of Mariokart coming to mobile was a genius move by Nintendo, and the app will be a major hit for quite some time. With some updates in the near future, Mariokart has the potential be the next app craze, much like what Pokemon Go was in 2016.