Student Council Offered as a Class Now

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

This year in Milton, student council is being offered as a course that students can take. Last year student council was only offered as a club. Mrs. Satchfield, Ms. Miller, and Mrs. Connell are the sponsors of Student Council. Mrs. Alfano is the dance coordinator of student council.

This year, student council is being offered as a class to allow students to meet everyday to organize and manage events. Student council as a class  allows more time for students to discuss and plan events than a club. As well, it allows students who have extracurricular activities outside of school to participate since there is no morning or afternoon meetings.

Vice President, Angelica Davis says, “I like the change because it allows us to make more decisions and be more involved in the school. We have more time to organize events than we would in the club.” 

Student Council is planning on improving communication with the students. They’re exploring new ways to reach out to students and spread important information. They’re creating more promotional materials and emailing them to teachers to hang in their rooms.

Students can still join Student Council as a club but to run for officer, enrollment in the class is a requirement. Coach Connell says that “if students are passionate about student council and want to have a role in it, we encourage them to join our club this year and take the class next year.”