Our Broken Drill System


Ted Systems, LLC.


In 1958, a Chicago elementary and middle school had a fire break out. Almost 100 people died in the Our Lady of The Angels School Fire, marking the last death in America caused by a school fire. 

Even though the last time someone died of a school fire was more than half a century ago, we still practice frequent fire drills to this day. The state of Georgia requires all schools to have at least one fire drill per month of the school being active. Excessive fire drills might seem to be a good idea, but they have consequences. 

Fire drills usually take about five to ten minutes. Each month, those five to ten minutes of class time are wasted without a valid reason. Also, by having drills repeatedly, the drills start to lose significance. So, in the extremely rare chance that there is a fire at school, students would be under the impression that it’s just another drill and won’t take the evacuation seriously, which could lead to injury. Not to mention that Milton High School has failed most of its fire drills, as we don’t go far away enough from the building as the required distance.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of 2019, there have been more than 300 school shootings in America. Instead of having a monthly lock down drill, the state of Georgia requires only one per semester. Our schools are more prepared for a very unlikely fire than a school shooting, which is sadly proven to be far more common in today’s America. 

Even the way our schools prepare for school shootings is wrong. Students are told to hide in a corner like sitting ducks, waiting for the shooter to come. In some cases, like the infamous Parkland School Shooting, the shooter pulled the fire alarm to get the students outside of their classrooms. 

However, there has been some change in the drill system, as Milton is implementing a new system called “CrisisGo”. It’s a program that instantly calls the police if any danger happens, such as fires, school shootings or any other danger. The program is installed on all of the staff computers, and alerts all of them when an emergency occurs. While this might not be a revolutionary change, it is a step in the right direction.

The drill system is not only inconvenient, it does more harm than good. Whether we like it or not, schools have become a hub of danger in America, and we need to make sure that our students are protected and well educated on how to be safe. Our schools need fewer and better fire drills and a totally reinvented lock down drill system.