Sksksks Save the Turtles

Catherine Everett

Earth is facing an inevitable crisis caused solely by humans. There are so many unique ways to deal with these issues, but why don’t big companies want to take any of these simple procedures to help make an attempt to make the inevitable, possible? 

Imagine how diverse our planet is. There are so many different types of animals and niches that it is unbelievable how incredibly diverse Earth is. But now imagine this: majority of those ecosystems are developing inhabitable conditions that are forcing the inhabitants of that specific niche to either die or to move into a different niche. 


Take the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for example.


This famous reef has almost completely died. It is one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet with at least 12,521 species thriving within that area. Due to ocean pollution an estimated two-thirds of the coral has died in the worst bleaching ever seen in that specific reef. With the area dying rapidly, 10,000 or more species that relied on a specific chain and way of life are having to find different ways to survive in the area. And things like this are happening and have happened everywhere across the planet.


Things like this are happening because of a multitude of different aspects of the effect from humans on Earth. Plastic that goes into the ocean every year is expected to double by 2025 and in 2050 there is expected to be more plastic than fish in the ocean.


What can, should and has been done about this issue?


At this point in time there are solutions to what seems like every problem. When it comes to the issue with one-use plastic products and items such as this; a professor and scientist, Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, in Mexico invented a completely biodegradable plastic out of a simple and common plant: cactus. It can completely breakdown in a few days and can replace most one-use plastics if larger companies would be willing to adapt to this new plastic. In addition to different products coming around to make everyday products more eco-friendly, on Friday September 20th there were international climate strikes with an estimated 1.4 million students skipping school to go on strike. 


There is a lot being done about these issues. Strikes, inventions, research, etc have been done to battle the climate crisis. While a lot of effort is being put in to reverse the effects of the climate crisis but we all must ask ourselves; is enough really being done?