The Amazon Fire’s Effect On the Environment


Nikki Gomez and Allison Atherton

In August, the Amazon Rain forest caught fire and created chaos among the media. The Amazon provides nearly six percent of Earth’s oxygen supply. The fire is a huge contributor to global warming due to carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas being emitted into the air. 

The Amazon shelters more than two million living species, adding up to ten percent of the world’s wildlife. Not only does this fire destroy the habitat and the chance of life for these species, but it is increasing their extinction rate. Many speculations have risen on the internet whether the fire was man made or by natural occurrence.

NASA and CNN believe that the fire was set intentionally by man. According to Express, “Fires are deliberately set in order to deforest land for cattle ranching” which is the largest factor of deforestation worldwide. Brazil is a pro business economy, along with being the world’s largest beef exporter. Hence the utilization of deforestation in order to further their business. 

Statistics prove the Amazon produces enough humidity alone to sustain itself from natural disasters. The Verge agrees, “…even during the dry season, large fires aren’t a natural phenomenon in the Amazon’s tropical ecosystem.” It is no coincidence this disaster has taken over the Amazon in a pro business economic country.

Noor Jaleel, president of Milton’s Green Club, believes “Humans should lessen the consumption of red meat to refrain from the land damage caused by large poultry industries.” These industries alone affect Earth’s atmosphere by 574 million tons with greenhouse gases in the United States each year. The consumption of less red meat will inhibit sales and halt corporations from clearing out land for cattle ranching. As she adds, “change will only occur once policy changes.”

Worldwide awareness has brought celebrities such as Lionel Messi, Leonardo DeCaprio, Vanessa Hudgens and many more have donated to help with the fire. Online, many celebrities have expressed their concerns for the fire and the effects it will have on our environment.

As for our community, Milton’s Green Club is planning to raise money for the Amazon fire. Their first meeting will take place next Tuesday, and they will begin discussing the action needed to help.