Whats up with Milton?


Catherine Everett

The City of Milton has always been an expensive area to live in with define rankings for its schools; but is that changing? Milton has been fairly consistent in its rankings over the past 4 years but those rankings have been dropping.

Milton high school as a whole has had fairly consistent ratings over the past 5 years but in recent years a decrease has become more obvious. In 2012 MHS had a student body of 2,654 people but in 2017 the enrollment was 2,298. With the enrollment at MHS going down and the law of large numbers (a theorem stating that the average of a result should be more accurate when the number is higher) coming into play; the SAT, ACT and PSAT scores do not have as many scores to even out which can often make the averages lower than past years where more people to the standardized tests. The averages at MHS have been slowly decreasing since 2016. In 2016, the average test score was an 86.61 compared to 2019 where the average score dropped down to an 84.12. The statewide performance has also decreased from better than 95.8% of schools in Georgia to better than 92.9% of schools in Georgia. Although these numbers seem insignificant, as they are all still high ratings, there is a decrease, and the decrease has been continuing since 2016. MHS has less scores to go off of and the ratings are slipping.


Along with the High Schools enrollment dropping, the rate of growth in the City of Milton has also seen a decrease. The rate of growth in Milton has gone from a 2.4% rate of growth to a 0.93% rate of growth. The amount of homes sold last year was 153 homes compared to this year where there were only 118. While the population of Milton is still growing, it is growing at a much slower rate, meaning that Milton is becoming a less desirable place to live. The property tax is 2,900 dollars compared to the average of 2,400 dollars in Georgia. The average price of a home in Milton has decreased from 580,000 dollars to 533,000 dollars. Compared to the national average of 190,000 dollars to buy a home, Milton is a noticeably expensive area.


The city of Milton and Milton High have both had extraordinarily high rating over a long period of time but now that rating has begun to slip. The ratings are in descent and will likely continue descending.


What does this mean for Milton and Milton High?


All it means is that with the statistics going down Milton High and The City of Milton will have lower overall ratings.