Spirit Animals and You

April 22, 2019

Spirit animals, like Zodiac signs and similar superstitions, have been a major part of people’s lives since the Native Americans called this land home. They believed that their animals had a deep-rooted connection with their past, present and future. While that link with nature may have been dampened since those ages, people can still find a tie with certain animals today. Spirit animals generally symbolize a person’s personality and core beliefs, and also tend to mark significant moments in people’s lives or periods of change whenever they appear.

However, many people might not know which animals they relate to the most, even though they can learn much about themselves through them. Here is a list of ten common spirit animals and their descriptions, so you can choose which one is your true match!


Most Common Traits:






Signs you are a “Bear”:

-Frequently stand up for your beliefs no matter what

-Support friends or loved ones in times of need

-Take control of large groups and organize roles

-Show great resolve and toughness in difficult times


Most Common Traits:

-Increased Awareness


-Quick decision maker



Signs you are a “Fox”:

-Swift in difficult situations

-Clever and able to find best solutions to issues

-More active at night

-Great guide or advice-giver


Most Common Traits:




-Flexible, can adjust to many situations


Signs you are a “Hummingbird”:

-Enjoy life to the fullest, have a constant positive outlook

-Present in mind at all times

-Can accomplish large and daunting tasks



Most Common Traits






Signs you are a “Rabbit”:

-Commonly make unexpected decisions and moves

-Not very defensive

-Creatively solve problems in life in non-conflicting ways

-Tend to be healthy and energetic no matter the situation


Most Common Traits






Signs you are a “Crow”:

-Interested in magic or the supernatural

-Tend to step back and take a broader look at issues or projects

-Enjoy being in a group setting more than being alone

-Always get what you want, usually in tricky or deceptive ways


Most common traits:

-Seeking peace





Signs you are a “Dolphin”:

-Try to make jokes out of most situations

-Contain strong willpower, inner strength

-Trust instincts and intuition rather than overthinking

-Work well in large groups


Most Common Traits:






Signs you are an “Owl”:

-Ability to see what others can not

-Not easily swayed or gullible

-Constantly thinking things through for every decision

-Desire to explore the unknown


Most Common Traits:




-Vigorous worker

-Strong judgment

Signs you are a “Snake”:

-Adept at uplifting and healing people

-Very cautious and suspicious of new people in life

-Take major changes in stride

-Emotions tend to control decisions and actions in life


Most Common Traits:






Signs you are a “Deer”:

-Ability to move through obstacles with grace

-Very sensitive to things people may say or do

-Value childhood and enjoy reminiscing upon past times

-Gentle when handling delicate scenarios and people


Most Common Trait:






Signs you are a “Sheep”:

-Tend to see the bright side in all situations

Have a tendency to ignore negative or potential bad outcomes

-Not inclined to taking leadership roles

-Simple-minded yet intelligent


Most Common Traits:

– Hopeful

– Wise

– Strong

– Respectful

– Aggressive

Signs you are an “Eagle”:

– Strong-willed in difficult situations

– Tend to not let feelings get in the way of important decisions

– Opt for more challenging, engaging options in school and work

– Contain distinct opinions on many topics

So, what spirit animal do you relate to the most?

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