Milton’s valedictorian of class of 2018-2019

Milton's valedictorian of class of 2018-2019

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

Milton’s valedictorian for the class of 2018-2019 is senior Kayleigh Monahan and the salutatorian is Erin Joyce. Valedictorians are chosen based on the student with the highest GPA out of their classes and salutatorians are the students with the second highest GPA. The valedictorian and salutatorian were announced mid-march.

Valedictorians take rigorous courses while maintaining the highest class average cumulatively over the 4 years. Monahan says, “Managing the workload was definitely difficult, but I just tried to take everything one day at a time and try to get ahead whenever possible.”

Monahan worked hard throughout her 4 years at Milton but explains that it was not her intention to win the title. “It was a little unexpected considering how many extremely intelligent people are in my class. I just tried to do my best so I could go to the University of Notre Dame,” says Monahan. Her goal of attending Notre Dame motivated her, as well as growing up with a twin, which Monahan claims helped because they “pushed each other to do [their] best.”

Monahan will be studying math at Notre Dame and aspires to become a high school math teacher. She took three semesters of math through Georgia Tech and only 2 students at Milton reached this level of math. Last semester Monahan interned as a teacher assistant in two eighth grade on-level math classes at Elkins Pointe Middle School.

With the year coming to an end Monahan says that she wants her graduation speech to convey to her classmates to  “find what they are passionate about and do what makes them happy. Monahan states that she is “very excited to start college” at Notre Dame.