Japanese students join our student body for exchange program


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Milton continued its Japanese Exchange Student Program this year, partnering with Hokuzan High School to bring students from Japan over to live with our own Milton students. Here, they were able to experience how American teens live, from school to home to social activities. This program provides an opportunity for American and Japanese students alike to learn about other cultures and lifestyles.


Senior Robert Cashin hosted a student named Izuhara Koichiro this year as his first experience with the program. Cashin is in his fourth year of learning Japanese, and decided to host an exchange student to further his education. “I thought it was a cool opportunity to practice the language and learn more about Japanese culture,” Cashin said.


Izuhara is from Okinawa, which is the southernmost island in Japan. He is 17 years old, and has studied English himself for five years. His goal in his trip was to further his knowledge in the language.


A group of exchange students and their hosts at local landmark Stone Mountain.

Izuhara traveled here to stay with Cashin for almost two weeks, during which he followed Cashin’s school schedule as well as got to visit local tourist spots with his peers that also came as exchange students. The goal of the program is not just to share school and language, but our country and culture as well. Cashin said they brought their students to “the CNN center, Stone Mountain, and the World of Coke,” all places here in Georgia that have local or national significance.


Izuhara and his classmates have since left Milton and their hosts, but the Japanese program hopes to see them back next year!