Milton Theatre Company presents “Curtains”


The award-winning Milton Theatre Company rarely disappoints with their yearly spring musical.  Their latest installment is the dark comedy “Curtains”.


“‘Curtains’ is a big, bright, brassy musical that was written by the…same people that wrote ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Chicago’ and some of those very successful musicals of the past,” says director David Hopkins. Hopkins has directed the spring musical at Milton for the past three years.


“Curtains”, set in 1959, depicts a Boston-based theater company that is attempting to get their lackluster show on Broadway. On opening night, however, the leading lady is murdered. In enters Lieutenant Frank Cioffi, played by senior Harrison Lewis. Cioffi, a detective with a passion for musical theater, attempts to solve the murder and fix the show all at the same time. This results in a fun, zany ‘whodunnit’ plot that, according to Hopkins, is “a tribute to Broadway theatres…[that] pokes fun at all the things that theater people hold dear.”


Lewis is a member of the Advanced Drama company and has been in four Milton musicals. “The best part of being in ‘Curtains’ is probably being able to work with a group of new people that are just so excited to be there and making a difference in their development as actors,” says Lewis.


One of these new people is Rachael Germany, a fellow senior. “My favorite part would be the people, I love these kids…I’ve known [them] in the hallways or by seeing their shows, but never personally talked to them [until now],” says Germany.


The cast of 36 started rehearsals in January, beginning by learning the vocals and dances of the show with the guidance of musical director Nathan Schreer and choreographer Ann-Marie Sepe. The actors in leading roles also did a lot of blocking during this time period. During the past few weeks, the cast, crew, and 23-student orchestra have been hard at work perfecting the production- polishing acting moments, cleaning up transitions, and finishing the elaborate set.  “It’s a very lengthy process,” says Germany. “It’s a six day a week rehearsal schedule, we started with three and a half hours a day and you end up going to… six and a half to seven hours a day towards the end.”


However, Germany claims that it is all time well spent. “[It] seems ridiculous, but when you’re there it’s worth it…sometimes you want to kill your castmates, but you all [love] and support each other.”  Lewis agrees. “It feels really nostalgic and like it’s gone by so fast…I’ll always remember the amazing shows and friends I’ve made here.”


“Curtains” runs on March 14-16 and 21-23 at 7 pm. Tickets are $15 for general admission and $20 for premium online at and $10 for general at the door.