Spotlight on Counselor Lahman


Mrs. Lahman works everyday to make sure our student body is prepared and taken care of.

Morgan Pickett, Staff Writer

Our high school is full of talented teachers and administrators, all of whom we interact with and appreciate every day. Working behind the scenes, however, are our counselors. From fixing schedules to writing college recommendations, our counselors provide the backbone of the student body, despite many of us never truly knowing them.


One of Milton’s counselors, Mrs. Casey Lahman, has been at Milton for almost four years. She graduated from Milton herself in 2002, and after studying English in college she decided to get a master in school counseling. “I needed to work with kids,” said Lahman, “ that’s where my heart was.”


Lahman’s passion has always been with the kids she counsels, and her favorite part of her job is getting to help students through the beginning of their college experience. “It’s such an exciting time but it’s such a hard time,” Lahman said. “It’s so exciting that I can be a part of [it].” She works with other administrators to plan individual post-graduation plans, inform rising juniors and seniors of their opportunities, and fill out college recommendations for each of her students.


To all of her pupils she is a safe place to talk about anything from school to personal life. She keeps her door open at all times, and hopes that anyone who walks into the office will feel as though they have someone in the school on their side.


Of course, working with teenagers isn’t always easy. Many of us are familiar with the trials that come with being a young adult in today’s world, and Lahman is just as aware. “To navigate that process with someone is very hard. I think we’ve all been in a place where we’ve felt we needed help for something and we’ve been afraid to ask.” She draws strength from the bad situations nevertheless, saying that she will “always try to go back to the fact that they’re asking [her] for help and what an honor that is.”


“We all need to operate from a place of love and for me the most important thing that I do daily… is to be kind to everyone that walks through my door, and give them the answers and the tools that they need to be successful. I want students to feel like they can come to me,” Lahman said.


Lahman says Milton is her community, and having been here since her own high school days, she says she will always have a very special connection to the place. “I’ve been in your shoes,” Lahman said. To her, it is a blessing to be a part of the process of a student deciding what they want to be as an adult. Even if it consists of her simply running after seniors trying to get them to go to class, everything she does is to hopefully better the kids she works with. As the 2019 school year comes to a close, Lahman says that she hopes that she has left a mark on these students, and that they always felt like they had her to turn to.


“I always want students to feel very in control of their own destiny, and to find ways to get there that are the best ways possible… I want them to see what they bring to the world.”