Anti-bullying program, Be The Voice, starts up at Milton


Joelle Dlugozima, Staff Writer

Be The Voice is a local campaign started by Debbie Baker and Mike Schroppenhorst.  Started in 2014, the program has been adopted by multiple schools since then and continues to grow around Georgia.

Assistant Principal Dr. Olga Glymph decided to host Be The Voice, so the program kicked off January 25. The organization allows students to step up to leadership roles and practice teamwork while teaching others the importance of standing up to bullies.

“What’s really unique about the program is that it’s local and it’s students helping students,” Glymph said. Many Milton parents and community members are involved with the organization, helping Be The Voice achieve a more local feel.

Be The Voice members celebrated the project’s opening by handing out lanyards, stickers and cardboard cutouts of their logo to Milton students. They plan to continue hanging up posters with inspiring messages throughout the school.

However, the program won’t run on its own. The Interact club will manage Be The Voice and help promote the program.

The first meeting was Feb. 20 in the media hub. The Interact Club presented the program to interested members of the National Honors Society and together, they gathered ideas for the project. Furthermore, on March 8, the club will talk with the Milton Band about Be The Voice as well.