Teacher/professional of the year spotlight


Nadine Haddad, Director of Social Media

Recently, Milton’s teacher and professional of the year were announced. Congratulations to Gillian Miller for winning teacher of the year and to Kara Peters for winning professional of the year!

Miller and Peters kindly agreed to familiarize themselves with students and parents by answering a few questions about their personal lives and passion and philosophy on their careers.  

Gillian Miller (Language Arts):

“I am honored to be Milton’s Teacher of the Year! I grew up in Alpharetta, and I went to Chattahoochee High School. I went to the University of Georgia for my undergraduate degrees before getting my master’s degree at Kennesaw State University. I LOVE Georgia football, even though it breaks my heart. My first teaching job was in Athens, and then I spent a year teaching in a small town in South Carolina. When I moved back to Atlanta, I didn’t go immediately back into teaching until I was hired at Milton in January 2016.

I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was in middle school, but I didn’t realize I wanted to teach literature until I read “The Great Gatsby” in high school. I had considered teaching French and math, but ultimately realized that it was the power of words that attracted me the most. I was awed by how my teacher could take the text apart and bring it back to life. That’s what I want to do for my students, and I also want to help them view the world around them more critically so they can draw their own conclusions.

My students are wonderful. I truly enjoy seeing them everyday and having the opportunity to interact with them. When I consider my lessons, I think about what my students would be interested in or how to best encourage them. Literature can be dull, and my students challenge me to modernize it and make it relevant, even if the text is archaic.”           

Kara Peters (Counseling/Guidance):

“My name is Kara Peters and I’ve been a counselor for 5 years. I grew up in Augusta, Georgia and then attended UGA for college. I started working at Milton immediately after graduate school, and I absolutely LOVE being a counselor. I am an avid sports fan (Go Dawgs and Go Cowboys!!) and enjoy traveling for fun. A cool fact about me is that I’ve traveled to all 7 continents and I try to go somewhere new every year.

I became a counselor after realizing that I loved talking with people and helping others. I am a little bit of a nerd and I loved school growing up. I quickly learned in college that I am a people person and that I needed a career that allowed me to do what I loved: talking and working to help others! One of the greatest things about my job is that I get to create relationships and work with lots of different people every single day. I truly love my job and feel lucky to be a Milton Eagle!

My students are the reason that I am here at Milton every day; they’re everything. I have the most AMAZING students on my caseload, and they inspire me to do my very best every day. Milton is full of so many incredible people, and every day I learn something new from my students. I think being a counselor is all about creating relationships, and Milton has allowed me to grow as a counselor over the past 5 years.”

Congratulations to Ms. Miller and Ms. Peters for their well-deserved awards!