College Dorm Room Essentials: What are they and where to get them

Kahn Li McClaire, Co-Editor

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Now that you know where you are going for college, it’s time to accessorize where you will live! Basic bedroom, bathroom and office items can be found anywhere from Walmart to Urban Outfitters, depending on budget and style. The best stores to find dorm room products include Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Five Below, Urban Outfitters, Staples and Amazon.

Most college dorms are furnished with an extra large (XL) twin bed that requires an XL twin sheet and comforter (remember this is the only sheet that will fit this specific bed). This size can be found at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon in various colors and designs. Pillows, pillowcases and blankets can be found at those stores too.. You’ll want to make sure to have more than one set of linens and towels during laundry day.

Depending on the type of dorm, there are either private bathrooms or community bathrooms. In the case of a community bathroom, a shower tote is necessary to carry your personal items back and forth along with a bathrobe. Also, don’t forget shower shoes! All of these products can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond along with Walmart and Target. If you have your own bathroom (lucky you), equip it with your typical personal hygiene products.

The average college dorm will not have a large closet, so invest in some storage options. Buy storage boxes for extra clothes to put under your bed and on top of shelves and over the door shoe holder from Amazon. A laundry basket and detergent will also be needed and can be bought from Walmart or Target.

Most dorms also come outfitted with a desk, so make sure you pack the essentials for your 3am cram sessions. Basic office supplies can be bought from Staples or Walmart. A desk lamp, planner/calendar and clock are necessary too. Also remember to buy an extension cord to charge all your electronics.

In addition, you will need kitchen essentials. Buying a Brita water filter will come in handy instead of buying plastic water bottles. Basic silverware (forks, spoons, knifes) is necessary and plates/bowls. If you are a coffee drinker, like many college students, Keurigs are perfect. These coffee makers can also make hot chocolate and hot water for tea or even oatmeal. 

In order to make the dorm really feels like a new home, decorations can help. Urban Outfitters has the perfect decor items; however, their amenities can be expensive. As an alternative, use Amazon, Target or even Do-It-Yourself crafts. Wall art and tapestries can brighten up dull walls, while rugs and throw pillows can create a cozy atmosphere. As most colleges do not allow candles, investing in a diffuser with different scents is another option. In addition, you can buy picture frames to place photos of friends, family and loved ones around the room.

There are many ways to create your new home by either shopping in store or online. Loyola University Chicago freshman Caroline Franklin completed a online registry for Bed Bath & Beyond “so [she] registered it all in Atlanta and picked it up from the one [in Chicago], which was so easy because then [she] just had to bring [her] clothes!! It’s really convenient”. Your neighborhood stores including Target, Walmart and Staples have everything to satisfy your needs and style in college.



Loyola Freshman Caroline Franklin’s dorm room