Spanish Immersion Camp

Nikki Gomez, Staff Writer

Students taking Spanish 2 or higher are eligible to attend the Spanish Immersion Camp in Covington, GA from March 15-17. Students will meet other students from all over the state to practice their Spanish skills. The event is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese of Georgia. To attend the camp, it costs $130 until Feb.22, after it is $10 more.

During the weekend, students will participate in cultural activities to enrich their speaking skills. Students are put in groups (houses) with 6 to 8 other kids and complete activities. These activities include going to a bonfire and singing songs in Spanish or playing sports. In their free time, students will be allowed to attend concessions that sell food from Spanish speaking countries.

Attending the immersion camp is a great opportunity for students to make friends outside of school. Nancy Shaban, a Spanish teacher at Milton,  says, “the students come in as these kids from Georgia and by the time it’s done, everyone is friends with each other.”

Students will benefit from the camp because it allows them to utilize their knowledge and challenge them to apply it to real life conversations. “A student of mine went last year and she thought it was an amazing experience talking in Spanish with students from all over the state. She was much more confident speaking in class after attending the camp,” says Shaban.

Additionally, attending the camp will look good on resumes when applying to colleges. “Not all students are willing to do it so it shows a true interest in the Spanish language,” says Shaban. Colleges typically look for two to three years of a language when looking at applications and having spent a weekend at an immersion camp will show dedication to learning the language.

If you’re interested in furthering your Spanish speaking skills, the Spanish Immersion Camp is a great opportunity to take advantage of. Students interested in participating must fill out the form online at and hand the money in person to Shaban. Her room number is 4203.

For additional questions, contact Nancy Shaban, [email protected]