2019-2020 Registration and New Courses

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2019-2020 Registration and New Courses

Kahn Li McClaire, Co-Editor

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As the second semester begins, registration for the 2019-2020 school year is coming up with the addition of new courses. “Teachers will first enter course recommendations in the student information system during the week of February 11-14… then students will also select electives that week “says Julie Gracey, Director of Guidance at Milton.

After the forms are received, the first course verification will be available on February 22. Gracey states that these verifications “will be the first opportunity to make changes to teacher recommendations and to view/make changes to the selected electives.” Registration will end on the March 8 after the second course verifications are given on the 5th. However, the verification forms are not a students final schedule

Required classes that all students must take in order to graduate include science, social studies, literature and mathematics. 4 credits are required for science, literature and mathematics while social studies science requires 3 credits along with electives. Personal fitness and health are also required to graduate; however, students can waiver out of personal fitness if they participate in a varsity sport or band for a year or a junior varsity sport for two years.

For the next school year, the following 9 new courses will be offered: On-level and Honors World Literature, Advanced Composition Honors, Dramatic Writing, Multicultural Literature, AP Capstone Research, a 4th Engineering Course, Botany, Student Council and TAG Social Entrepreneurship. Instead of the 10th grade Literature and Composition course that is required, sophomores are able to take World Literature, either as on-level or honors class.

Only rising seniors are able to enroll in the Advanced Composition Honors, Dramatic Writing, and Multicultural Literature course; however, juniors that previously took 9th Literature in middle school are able to enroll in Dramatic Writing and Multicultural Literature. The Bonaty course is another core class offered, but only as a 4th science credit.

Students can take AP Capstone Research, one of Milton’s 31 AP course,  which is the second course after AP Capstone Seminar, as an elective. Student Council will also be available as an elective along with the TAG Social Entrepreneurship that requires an application.

These new course were added in the hopes to “provide a more diverse course offering that delivers meaningful curriculum and opportunities for students to explore while they are in high school.”